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Bomb Outrages Must Not Divert the Movement Against Neo-Liberal Globalisation and War

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Bomb Outrages Must Not Divert the Movement Against Neo-Liberal Globalisation and War

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Bomb Outrages Must Not Divert the Movement Against Neo-Liberal Globalisation and War

Statement of Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), July 7, 2005

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) condemns the bombings on the London Underground and transport system. The Party expresses deep sympathy for the injured and the families of those who have suffered the tragic loss of life and distress.

These bombings have caused widespread outrage across the country and abroad. Equally shocking and sickening, however, have been the protestations of the leaders of the capitalist world gathered at the G8 Summit at Gleneagles, particularly those from George W Bush and Tony Blair. Their comments are unconscionable. These war criminals have the blood of tens of thousands, including their own soldiers, on their hands. Shamelessly they draw a contrast between themselves and those they say are bent only on "killing innocent people". How can they, with their record, accuse others of killing innocent people while claiming that they are devoted to addressing the problems of the world's poor, as upholders of human rights and freedom?

RCPB(M-L) condemns the use of bombings to create alarm and panic and divert from and cover up the crimes of Bush and Blair and their governments. The mass opposition to the G8 Summit in Scotland shows that these crimes are at this very moment becoming ever clearer to people here and throughout the world.

Recent days have seen demonstrations of a size and militancy never before seen in Scotland's capital and the surrounding area towards Gleneagles. Hundreds of thousands have accused the G8 leaders and their governments and policies of neo-liberal globalization of being the primary cause of world poverty and not its saviours. They have linked these policies directly with the policy, especially that of Bush and Blair, of attempting to foist the rule of the monopolies on those who refuse to submit to their dictate. In doing so, primarily through war and gross violation of sovereignty, they have cast aside all international law. The terrible and tragic consequences of this can be seen only too clearly in Iraq and Afghanistan. No circus of millionaire pop stars working hand in glove with the G8 leaders has prevented this growing consciousness. No amount of disinformation spread by the media about a supposed choice between "mindless anarchist violence" and praising the G8 leaders for their efforts so far to alleviate world poverty and putting trust in their sincerity to "go further" can cover up the reality.

The bombings have taken place precisely when the crisis of credibility of the leaders at the G8 Summit was reaching a peak, not to speak of the seemingly insolvable differences between them. It has long been the tactic of imperialist governments faced with growing disillusion and opposition to their policies, bringing into question even their entire system, to generate panic and alarm by provoking or even organising terrorist outrages. Such outrages not only constitute part of a whole campaign of disinformation on who and what is to blame for the problems confronting the people. They are the preferred method to strengthen the dictate of the oppressors against the people and even to blackmail one another.

The growing movement against neo-liberal globalisation, against war and fascism, so magnificently reflected on the streets of Edinburgh and nearby in recent days, must not permit these outrages to divert it. The people certainly will not be fooled by the protestations of Bush and Blair. RCPB(ML) is confident that their movement will continue to grow. The people will continue to soberly consider the problems confronting humanity and to provide themselves with the necessary means in terms of information and the organisational forms they require to open up the path to progress, to the other world which is possible, in which imperialist oppression and exploitation will be put to rest.

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