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No To State-Organised Racist Attacks!

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No To State-Organised Racist Attacks!

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No To State-Organised Racist Attacks!

Statement of Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), July 14, 2005

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) vehemently condemns the criminal state-organised racist attacks on individuals and their communities, which are increasing since the London bombings.   Not one racist attack must be permitted!  No community or section of a community must be criminalised!   No incitement of community against community must be allowed!  RCPB(ML) calls on the working class and people of Britain to squarely blame the government and its apologists in the media for inciting these attacks and demand that they stop their disinformation, fear-mongering and inciting of passions which target sections of the population.  Right after the bombings the Prime Minister and Britain’s official circles blamed “Islamic extremists”.  Within hours of the London bombings, the Prime Minister set the tone by (1) blaming “Islamic extremists” and (2) thanking various Muslim leaders for their reasonableness.  Others joined in by calling on people not to engage in revenge-seeking !  Why would the issue of seeking revenge on people of Muslim origin even arise except for the government disinformation and continuous media coverage blaming “Islamists”?   The government, the Times and other papers should be held criminally responsible for dividing the polity on the basis of their country of origin, religion, ethnic-background and even different English cities, such as Leeds.

            RCPB(ML) calls on the working class and people to make sure the current state of tension and violence does not succeed.  Denounce the panic and alarm which the government and media is creating!  Do not permit a climate where it is permissible to target individuals on the basis of race, nationality, language or religion and even incite violence against and between communities!

            The working class and people of Britain have a proud history of opposing state-organised racist and fascist violence.  We smashed the Mosleyites in the thirties.  We stood heroically with the progressive forces of the world in defeating fascism in the Second World War and all the state-organised violence and racist attacks since then, including against the Irish people.  And in recent years we have risen as one mighty army – regardless of colour and creed – to oppose Blair's criminal aggression against Iraq and all the lying and fraud associated with it.  To suggest that a state and government and their newspapers which committed all these crimes are now acting any differently would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

            RCPB(ML) calls on all workers, youth and women and all democratic and peace-loving people to stand as one and, once again, declare in no uncertain terms: Not in Our Name!

No to State Organised Racist Attacks!

Stop Criminalising Individuals on the Basis of Country of Origin and Religion!

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