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100,000 March in London against War and Occupation

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100,000 March in London against War and Occupation

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100,000 March in London against War and Occupation

Up to 100,000 people demonstrated on Saturday, September 24, in London under the banner of the March for Peace and Liberty, as part of the International Days of Action. The march assembled right outside the Houses of Parliament in bright sunshine, reflecting the colour, determination and vigorous spirit of the wide spectrum of demonstrators, united in denouncing Tony Blair and the Bush-Blair alliance. It took two hours to move past Downing Street, through Trafalgar Square and along the streets of central London into Hyde Park. The organisers reported that transport had come from everywhere from Aberdeen to Cornwall. The throng of the different sections of society on the march comprised trade unionists, large numbers of Muslims, a host of young people, pensioners, a number of communist contingents marching in close proximity, campaigners for civil liberties and others – all united in their demands for withdrawing the troops out of Iraq and for working together in defence of democratic rights.

The march was led by Military Families against the War, including Sue Smith whose son died in July and who delivered a letter and petition to Downing Street.

The gathering in Hyde Park was a sea of faces as contingent after contingent militantly entered, often holding impromptu meetings in addition to the main rally. Many people expressed the opposition to the hysteria under which Blair is pushing the reactionary programme of war, occupation and repression. The people rejected the role of the British army in fomenting civil war in Iraq as well as its undercover operations at home. The spirit of the march and rally was of a vibrant political force determined to take forward their struggle until it achieved its goals, reflecting the sentiment of the vast majority of the people of Britain.

RCPB(ML) contingent on the demonstration

The contingent of RCPB(ML) marched with the banner, "Bring the Troops Home! Oppose the Hysteria that ‘The Rules of the Game Have Changed’". Many hundreds of the Party statement "No to Imperialist War and Occupation!" were widely distributed.

It also became clear later how the media either boycotted reporting not only on this but on the actions being taken worldwide, or where they did report the events, ludicrously downgraded the numbers and made light of the seriousness of the anger and determination of the participants.

Speakers at the rally included John Pilger, Tom Hayden from the US, Tariq Ali, Brian Eno and Bianca Jagger.


On September 24, 100,000 also demonstrated in Washington, DC, in the US to demand an end to war and occupation.

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