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Departed Comrades Remembered

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Departed Comrades Remembered

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Departed Comrades Remembered

A social and cultural evening was held in South-East London on October 1, dedicated to the memory of departed comrades, in particular to Thomas Graham, the author and communist “John Maharg”. Comrade John passed away a year ago on September 18, 2004. The 87th anniversary of his birth fell on October 4, 2005.

            In a toast, addressing the comrades and friends present, RCPB(ML) National Spokesperson Chris Coleman said:

            “This was not meant to be a formal occasion with speeches, rather a social evening held in honour of our old comrade who passed away a year ago – Tom Graham, otherwise John Maharg or simply Old John – with conversation, nice food and drink, and some music.   But Old John would not have objected to a toast to his memory!  He would not have objected either to sharing the toast with another old comrade.  By sad coincidence, our dear comrade Kewal Singh Purewal from Coventry passed away in the past week and so we would like to honour him too tonight.

            “Old John and Kewal were two of a kind, and great friends.   They shared many qualities.   Both were workers and fighters for their class.  Both were distinguished by their steadfastness to the cause of humanity, by their loyalty to the Party, and by their high principle.  Ardent patriots both – in Old John’s case Scotland and in Kewal’s case Punjab and India – they were distinguished by their proletarian internationalism, their activity here a conscious support for the struggles of people throughout the world.  Both too were highly cultured men who shared a love of the good things in life, including of Scotch whisky!  So let us raise our glasses to them both!  We shall always remember and honour these two dear comrades, their noble deed and high integrity!

            “Cheers to them both!”

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