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Exposure of Shenanigans of British State

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Exposure of Shenanigans of British State

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Exposure of Shenanigans of British State

Denis Donaldson revealed on Friday that he had had been a paid agent for British intelligence within Sinn Féin since the 1980s. He has been expelled from the party.

            The arrest in 2002 of Donaldson and two others accused of being part of a Sinn Féin spy ring led to the suspension by the British government of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Earlier this month, the Director of Public Prosecutions had declared that it was "no longer in the public interest" to pursue the case, a move that had caused puzzlement. Donaldson said in his statement on Friday that the spy ring affair was "a fiction" created by the Special Branch.

            According to a report by Sinn Féin, its President Gerry Adams on December 19 led a party delegation which met with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain. The Sinn Féin delegation included Martin McGuinness MP, Bairbre deBrún MEP, Gerry Kelly MLA and Michelle Gildernew MP.

            Speaking after the meeting, Gerry Adams said: “Today's meeting was at our request and follows on from phone calls today between Martin McGuinness and Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern and ongoing contacts over the weekend with both governments. I also intend to speak with both the Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister in the coming period.

            "This entire issue is about the need for the British government to accept responsibility for what has happened and what is happening and to end the sort of political policing we have experienced over many years. At the core of all of this is the British government’s responsibility for how its agencies behave.

            "People need to remember what happened here. A unique power sharing government was overthrown by British state agencies. That is a massive issue. There is a job of work for Tony Blair as British Prime Minister to rein in the system responsible for this. The British government needs to commit itself to peaceful and democratic activity and to end political policing once and for all."

            Gerry Adams said: "After 30 years of a very, very dirty war, a process was being coaxed into a new dispensation, and one of the main legs of that was the very unique power-sharing arrangement. It was working, but it was overthrown. It was suspended, and the truth of the matter is that British agencies were at the heart of that coup d’etat ."

            Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness said: "We are told that the two governments intend to make a big push in the New Year to see the political institutions restored. We are prepared to play our part in such an effort, we are not prepared to let those responsible for collapsing the political institutions and subverting the political and democratic process to be allowed to succeed.

            "Sinn Féin and republicans have answered all of the big questions regarding future intentions. It is now time for the British government to answer the questions about their intentions. They need to declare that their war against republicans is at an end and that the days of political policing are over."

            The British state has historically used its rule of the north of Ireland to test and perfect its overt and covert operations against the people’s movements at home and abroad. This latest exposure demonstrates once again that these shenanigans of the British state have not ceased. The conclusion is inescapable that wherever in the world British state forces and agencies operate, including within Britain itself, their activities are indeed “very, very dirty”, aggressive and undemocratic and the people’s forces must be constantly on their guard both against these activities themselves and the smog of disinformation which surrounds them.

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