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No to Israeli War Crimes! Hands Off Gaza! Hail the Heroic Palestinian Resistance!

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No to Israeli War Crimes! Hands Off Gaza! Hail the Heroic Palestinian Resistance!

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No to Israeli War Crimes! Hands Off Gaza! Hail the Heroic Palestinian Resistance!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), January 3, 2009

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) condemns the ongoing Israeli aerial bombings of the Gaza Strip that began on December 27. RCPB(ML) joins its voice to the growing swell of all democratic people who are outraged at the Israeli war crimes, and are taking a vigorous stand against them, calling for an immediate cessation of all aggression against the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people. The heinous Zionist crimes constitute a form of collective punishment by the Israeli state, backed by the US imperialists as well as by the British government. These crimes are aimed at crushing the heroic resistance of the Palestinians to the unjust and illegal occupation. However, the Palestinian people have rejected and continue to repel all efforts and machinations to extinguish their historic right to self-determination and to their homelands.

            RCPB(ML) also expresses its outrage at the British government which has failed to condemn this attack by Israel on Gaza. The government has tried to place the blame on the Palestinian people’s elected administration and the resistance of the Palestinians, whilst making some mealy mouthed words in calling for an end to the violence on both sides following the spurious and bankrupt method of being “balanced”.

            Foreign Secretary David Miliband was forced because of the opposition of the Palestinians and people of Britain and the world to shift his position, but he only gave some general call for an end to the violence. Gordon Brown only called on Israel to show restraint but not to demand an immediate cessation to their criminal assault on Gaza. Conservative leader David Cameron also stopped short of calling for a ceasefire.

            The fact is, it is a matter of justice: the right of the Palestinians to exist as a people, their right to resist an unjust, illegal and brutal occupation, their right as human beings to affirm their dignity. British governments for a century have played their despicable and dirty role in creating all the problems that exist in the Middle East. It is entirely shameful that this present government should only see fit to brand all “violence” as “unacceptable”. True to form, they are playing the criminal role that British colonialism and imperialism has always played, and are to be condemned as enemies of the people’s cause.

            RCPB(ML) calls on the workers and their organisations, youth, students, democratic and peace loving people of Britain to condemn this brutal Israeli aggression, demand its immediate cessation and to organise and go all out to participate in actions organised around the country. Let us all stand as one with the Palestinian resistance and continue to organise until the war crimes are brought to an end, and their perpetrators to justice.


No to Israeli War Crimes! Hands Off Gaza!
Long Live the Heroic Palestinian Resistance!

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