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Unreserved Solidarity with the DPRK!

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Unreserved Solidarity with the DPRK!

DPRK Looks Forward to New Revolutionary Advance

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Unreserved Solidarity with the DPRK!

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is taking a stand in forging ahead with building and strengthening its social system in which it is the people who have pride of place. Its socialist society, a new arrangement of society which has been chosen, defended and built by the people under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea, has been the target of denigration and outright disinformation by Anglo-US imperialism and other big powers. The DPRK and its sovereignty deserve the solidarity and defence of all democratic people.

The DPRK was founded in 1948, and last September it celebrated its 60th anniversary. This was a historic landmark for the Korean people, for all who hold dear that socialism is the present and future for humanity, and for all democratic forces who recognise that the defence of a country’s sovereignty and the people’s cause is the crucial task in today’s world where the forces of reaction seek to impose their domination and their values everywhere.

The Korean people recognise both their own human and social role in building a new society, and the role of the outstanding revolutionary personalities who have taken up the responsibility for leadership. While relying on their own work, organisation and thinking to find the way out of the crisis and to bring about the revolutionary transformation of society in this country, the progressive forces in Britain express their unreserved solidarity with the achievements of the Korean people and their leadership.

In this spirit, the Friends of Korea in Britain are organising a celebratory meeting to mark the anniversary of the birth of Kim Jong Il which falls on February 16. Kim Jong Il is the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Chairman of the National Defence Commission, and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army. In these capacities, he has led the Korean people in solving crucial tasks in building the DPRK as a powerful socialist society, in formulating significant concepts and programmes which put the Korean people in control of their own destiny, and in building the military defence of the DPRK which sets in motion the initiative of the Korean people in making the DPRK impregnable against imperialist aggression. In so doing, he has carried forward the legacy of the late President Kim Il Sung, under whose leadership the Korean people fought for and achieved their liberation from Japanese imperialism, defeated the US-imperialist-led armed aggression of the Korean War, and embarked upon the path of building a modern society fit for human beings.

Anglo-US reaction has been and is attempting to combine military threats with slanders, lies and disinformation about the DPRK in order to turn back the clock, keep the Korean Peninsula divided and wipe out the gains that the people of the DPRK have achieved under socialism. The hostile labels of "hermit kingdom", "illegal state" and the smearing of the DPRK over the so-called "human rights issue" and the "nuclear issue" are beneath contempt. The right to be of the Korean nation is inviolable, and the imperialist programmes to deny and violate this right cannot but fail. It is a fact that those that love and desire justice are rising as one in today’s world in defence of the right of the peoples everywhere to determine their own future unmolested and in peace and security. It is also a fact that it is the armed aggression, neo-liberal values and exploitative system of world reaction that is anachronistic and preoccupied with its own collapse and defeat.

Join in this public meeting to express and celebrate militant solidarity with the DPRK, the Korean people and the leadership of Kim Jong Il, and the people’s cause!

Public Meeting

Saturday, February 14, 2009, 3.00 pm

Saklatvala Hall in Southall, Dominion Road, off Featherstone Road, UB2 5AA.

Talk by Keith Bennett of Friends of Korea, with messages of solidarity from participating organisations. A representative of the Embassy of the DPRK in London will be the guest of honour. Opportunity for questions and discussion, followed by a cultural programme, including music, songs, film show and photographic exhibition. Concludes with food and a social.

Organised by Friends of Korea

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DPRK Looks Forward to New Revolutionary Advance

The newspapers Rodong Sinmun, Josoninmingun and Chongnyonjonwi issued a joint editorial on New Year’s Day. Rodong Sinmun is the newspaper of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Josoninmingun is the daily of the Korean People’s Army, and Chongnyonjonwi of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League. The editorial was headlined, "Glorify this year as a year of a new revolutionary upsurge sounding the general advance".

The editorial pointed out that 2009 would mark a turning point in the Korean revolution and the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

The Workers' Party of Korea has put forward a far-reaching target to open the door to a thriving nation in 2012, a year that marks the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung. This target represents the requirements of the developing revolution and the aspirations of the people, mobilising the whole Party, the entire army and all the people to a new general offensive.

"Last year the spirit of innovation was fully displayed throughout the country and remarkable achievements that would be etched in the history of the country were made on all fronts of socialist construction," the editorial says.

It points out that in 2008, Kim Jong Il stood in the van of the army and people, leading their efforts to build a powerful nation. The editorial goes on to explain that in that year of the 60th anniversary of the DPRK, in response to the Party’s militant call, all the people carried out a dynamic offensive in bringing about dramatic changes in all sections of the socialist economy.

The year 2009, it says, is a year of a new revolutionary surge, in which all the people should launch a general offensive in response to the Party's call to make a historic leap on all fronts in the building of a prosperous nation.

"Today we are at a historically important point in accomplishing the Party's revolutionary cause," the editorial says.

Further on, the editorial says, "Collectivism and self-reliance are our peculiar mode of revolution and nothing is better than this." It goes on, "We should make it an iron rule to solve all problems on the strength of the collective and by enlisting the inexhaustible wisdom and creativity of the masses. All the posts, units and fields should help and lead one another to kindle the flame of collective innovation. Self-reliance is our strength and the key to a thriving nation.

"We should always base ourselves on the socialist soil, develop our strength and open the route of advance to victory by relying on our resources, technology and the advantages of our system. At any time, in the future as well as the present era of advanced science and technology, we should constantly inherit the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. We should live and fight in the staunch spirit and self-confidence with which we have defeated any formidable enemy and performed miracles on the debris."

The editorial explains that an important task facing the DPRK in economic construction at present is to give an impetus to the efforts to put production on a normal track closely combined with modernisation by taking advantage of the socialist planned economy, thus surpassing the high-water mark in production in all sectors of the national economy.

After explaining in detail how the different sectors are to advance, the editorial says, "To relieve scarcity of food is a pressing problem. We should concentrate all efforts on hitting this year's target of grain production with the extraordinary determination to solve food problem by our own efforts in any circumstances." And the editorial again details the requirements.

It continues, "The housing project in Pyongyang should be pushed audaciously and a radical improvement brought about in city management. It is important to build more structures of lasting value that embody the serve-the-people spirit and that are perfect architecturally. Land development including afforestation should be carried out in a far-sighted way, so as to turn the country into a more beautiful and better place in which to live.

"Economic management should be improved to give full play to the advantages of the socialist planned economy. The centralised and unified guidance of the state over economic construction should be strengthened and planning improved in line with the requirements of the developing reality.

"It is imperative to take a viewpoint regarding science and technology as the basis of economic development.

"The nationwide scientific and technological forces should be concentrated on assiduously solving problems arising in strengthening the independence of the economy and stepping up modernisation. Persistent efforts should be made to update production processes and the mass-based technological innovation drive conducted more briskly. Scientists and technicians should pick up projects that are conducive to national prosperity as the seed of their research and positively carry them out to lend wings to today's general advance for a surge."

Referring to the educational sector, the editorial speaks of improving the content and methods of teaching and improving the qualification of lecturers to make great progress in the education of the younger generation and training of talents and raise the cultural and technological standard of the working people in keeping with the requirements of the IT age. "Officials in the health sector should work devotedly for the promotion of the people's health and the production of basic medicine should be increased to give fuller play to the advantages of the socialist health system," it says. "It is necessary to stimulate public interest in the development of sports, make sports mass-based and ensure that sportspersons register good results in every international game."

The editorial speaks of continuing to put utmost efforts into building up the country's military strength in line with the requirements of the prevailing situation and the development of the revolution. It explains that it is important to speed up the revolutionary transformation of the entire army, ensure firmer unity between officers and men on the basis of comradeship and more closely combine military and political affairs. The KPA (Korean People’s Army) should take the lead in strengthening the army-people unity, the editorial says, by holding high the slogan, "Assist the people!".

The KPA takes an uncompromising stand against those who hurt our sovereignty, dignity and socialist system, it continues. "Our arms charged with class awareness and hatred against the enemy would never tolerate any act of provocation of the enemy but punish it mercilessly. All the people should acquire military knowledge with sincerity and effect a fresh turn in militia build-up this year that marks the 50th anniversary of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards."

Further on, the editorial explains that the working class is the proud maker of history and the main force in the building of an economic power. Speaking of the young people, the editorial says that they should give full play to the heroic spirit of the Korean youth in every labour-intensive site including the construction site of the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station. "Youth league organisations should thoroughly prepare all the young people as the reliable youth vanguard of the Party possessed of the spirit of defending the leader with their very lives, unshakeable faith in socialism, a high sense of duty towards the future of the country and noble moral traits," it says. It goes on, "Organisations of the trade union, agricultural workers’ union and women's union should enhance their role decisively to ensure that all their members perform feats in the efforts for the country's prosperity."

The country's reunification is the unanimous aspiration of the fellow countrymen and the supreme and urgent task for the nation, the joint editorial emphasises.

"The national reunification movement which had been advancing vigorously along with the June 15 reunification era faced a grave challenge due to the advent of the conservative authorities in south Korea last year. All the Korean people are indignant and protest at the reckless moves of the south Korean ruling forces that flatly deny the June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration, grand programmes for independent reunification, restore the era of fascist dictatorship and are hell-bent on inter-Korean confrontation.

"The anachronistic confrontation policy of the south Korean authorities is on the verge of total failure and the anti-reunification forces are being driven into a tight corner. The aspiration and demand of the fellow countrymen cannot be the plaything of quack politicians who have turned their back on the nation and nothing can check the advance of the times towards independent reunification.

"The drift of affairs last year shows that national reunification can be accelerated only through the determined struggle against the moves of the partitionist forces inside and outside the country."

The editorial points out that "By our nation itself" is the fundamental idea to be embodied in the national reunification movement. "By our nation itself" is the noble spirit of loving the country and people that accelerates independent reunification, peace and prosperity.

The editorial explains, "To achieve the country's reunification, it is imperative to take a point of view giving priority to the nation and defending the interests of the nation. All the Korean people should resolutely check and foil the manoeuvres of the anti-reunification forces running counter to the trend of the times towards independent reunification, steeped in pro-US sycophancy and hostility towards the fellow countrymen.

"To achieve national reconciliation and unity is an urgent demand of the national reunification movement at present. Neither the development of inter-Korean relations nor the country's reunification can be expected when both sides remain hostile toward each other and the military tension is aggravated. The spirit of reconciliation and co-operation for independent reunification, peace and prosperity should prevail in the whole country and the reunification movement be promoted by the united efforts of the patriotic forces. The south Korean people, under the slogan of independence, democracy and reunification, should make more dynamic efforts to put an end to the fascist rule of the sycophantic and treacherous conservative authorities and remove the danger of war.

"The independent foreign policy of our Republic to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula and defend the peace and security of Northeast Asia and the rest of the world is demonstrating its validity more fully as the days go by. Our Party and government, under the ideal of independence, peace and friendship, will develop relations with the countries friendly towards us and make a positive contribution to achieving the cause of global independence.

"In the present world no other country is more politically stable than our Republic whose people are all filled with a great hope, ambition and confidence about the future."

The joint editorial declares, "Our cause is the cause of Kim Il Sung, the road we take is the eternal road of Juche, the road of Songun, and our strength is the single-minded unity of the entire army and all the people around the leadership of the revolution."

It concludes, "Ultimate victory is in store for us as long as there continues to exist the plan for a bright future worked out by the great Workers’ Party of Korea and the infinite spiritual strength of our army and people who perform miracles by turning out in heartfelt response to the call of the Party."

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