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In Memoriam - Rix Ferron

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In Memoriam - Rix Ferron

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In Memoriam

Rix Ferron


January 9, 1953 – December 29, 2008

It is with deep sadness that we inform our readers that our old comrade Anthony "Rix" Ferron, known to many as Roy, passed away on December 29 aged 55 after some years of illness.  Our Party extends its heartfelt condolences to his family – particularly to his daughter and sisters – and to all his friends and comrades in this country and in many other countries throughout the world.

Comrade Rix was a founder member of our Party and Central Committee member who made an important contribution to the Party's work and cause for 25 years.  Our Party first met him, the son of Jamaican immigrants, as a 19-year-old worker at the British Library.  He was a talented footballer who had represented All-London Schools and might well have broken into the professional ranks if he had persisted.  He was already politically active, having been involved with the Black Panthers, in the struggle against racism and racist discrimination and for the rights of the African and Caribbean communities.  Immediately he, and some of his old schoolmates, took up the work of the Party, particularly that against state-organised racist attacks and against fascism.  He was a founder of the West Indian Defence Committee, which later became part of the People’s Democratic Front.  Among many other things, he led a memorable demonstration against the fascists at Chelsea Town Hall, resisting savage attacks by the police.  Above all, he took up the call of the Party and the Internationalists before it that the national minorities must not allow themselves to be marginalised, but must put themselves in the forefront of the struggles for the rights of all.  He was a founder member of RCPB(ML) in 1979 and a member of its Central Committee from then for 20 years.  After the death of Cornelius Cardew in 1981, he took up the leadership of the Communist Youth Union of Britain, and represented it at International Youth Camps and Congresses in many countries, notably in Canada, Denmark and Brazil, in all of which he was much loved.  One story told by the Brazilian comrades was that they had wondered what this "Englishman" who was visiting them would be like, only to be confronted by what they described as "a typical black Brazilian"! 

Those who worked with him will never forget his great vigour and courage, his organising skill, his great warmth, and his integrity.  He will always be remembered as a patriotic Jamaican and fighter for the rights of the African and Caribbean peoples, a proud member of the British working class and fighter for its interests and cause and as an exemplary proletarian internationalist.

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