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Seminar: "There Is A Way Out of the Crisis"

The Line of March to a New Society: The Challenge We Accept

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The Line of March to a New Society: The Challenge We Accept

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Seminar: "There Is A Way Out of the Crisis"

The Line of March to a New Society: The Challenge We Accept

RCPB(ML) assesses that now is a crucial time in the line of march of the united front of the working class and its allies, in the context of the national and international situation. In this connection, it is holding a seminar on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of RCPB(ML) and the 15th anniversary of the launch of its general line for this period, "There Is a Way Out of the Crisis". This seminar will address the general line of RCPB(ML) in a number of papers, to facilitate discussion on the tasks facing the Party, the working class and the people, and on the way forward in participating in the political life of the country.

In this week leading up to the seminar on Saturday, March 14, in London, WDIE is posting documents of the Party so that the participants in the event can study and prepare. Today we are posting the text of the third chapter of "The Line of March to a New Society", the Political Report to the Third Congress on the Work of the Central Committee. The Third Congress of the Party was held in London from March 19-21, 1999.

The three chapters of the Report are entitled: "Standing Firmly on Our Own Feet"; "Summing Up the Objective Situation"; and "The Challenge We Accept". The document also contains the Resolutions adopted by the Third Congress.

The Congress in its resolutions affirmed that the Party must continue to build and strengthen Workers’ Weekly on the basis of its programme to Improve the Content, Extend the Readership of the newspaper. It reaffirmed that the Party newspaper is the scaffolding which ensures that the Party is built. The Congress also resolved that RCPB(ML) must step up the work to build the Party on the new historical basis. It resolved to further strengthen the Party on the basis of the principles of democratic centralism.

To access Chapter III, please click The Challenge We Accept.

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