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Miliband Speaks at the UN on the Middle East – What Plot against the Palestinian People is Unfolding?

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Miliband Speaks at the UN on the Middle East – What Plot against the Palestinian People is Unfolding?

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Miliband Speaks at the UN on the Middle East – What Plot against the Palestinian People is Unfolding?

The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, was one of the principal speakers during the UN Security Council debate on the Middle East on Monday. The debate was called by the Foreign Minister of Russia, a member of the so-called Quartet with a special concern with Middle East, which also includes the United States, the EU and the UN. The debate was held in advance of diplomatic efforts initiated by the United States that will include a major speech by Obama in Cairo and visits to the White House from the Israeli prime minister, the Palestinian leader and the Egyptian president. It is widely reported that Obama will launch a new plan for a settlement between Zionist Israel and the Palestinian people, while at the same time the US has renewed sanctions against Syria, which it accuses of interfering both in Iraq and in the occupied territories. These new initiatives in the Middle East come as the US, Britain and their allies are stepping up their military activities in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Miliband’s speech can therefore be seen as part of the attempts by the Anglo-Americans to maintain the status quo in regard to Palestine, in particular to continue to support Zionist Israel and to refuse to recognise the right of the Palestinian people to determine their own affairs and live in their own homeland. It is also part of a campaign to present the resolution of the problems in the Middle East as being entirely dependent on the actions of the US government, which it is claimed is working for a wider settlement between Zionist Israel and states throughout the region.

According to Miliband, the situation in the Middle East is a consequence of the alleged wrong-doing of the Palestinians, as much as Zionist Israel, while he also took the opportunity to criticise the activities of Hezbollah, the Lebanese patriotic organisation, as well as those of the government of Iran. Not only does the British government fail to condemn the genocidal acts of the Zionist regime, most graphically illustrated in its recent bombardment of Gaza, it also fails to take any responsibility for its own actions and those of previous British governments, which have been responsible for dispossessing the Palestinian people, and creating and arming Zionist Israel which has maintained that dispossession and which has acted as the cat’s paw of the big powers, and chiefly the Anglo-American alliance, throughout the region.

The British government continues to support what it refers to as a "two-state solution" to the problem of Palestine, even though at present this is not accepted by the government of Israel, while it claims that it is providing "aid" and other support to the Palestinian Authority, which has jurisdiction only in the West Bank. In fact, the Anglo-Americans and their allies have implemented a policy of divide and rule in regard to the Palestinian political organisations, while at the same time demanding that international recognition for these organisations requires embracing a political agenda that is dictated by the big powers.

The preferred stance of British governments has been to present themselves as both an honest broker and the greatest friend of the Palestinian people. But history has shown them in their true colours. Indeed, during the recent onslaught on the people of Gaza, Miliband far from condemning the war crimes of the Israeli government went as far as to place the blame on the Palestinian people and the government of Gaza. The British government remains the greatest enemy of the Palestinians and one of the principal supporters of Israeli Zionism. The working class and people must demand an end to this stance, which is not in their name. The right to be of the Palestinian people must be upheld, and the British government has no business whatsoever standing in the way of this right.

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