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Bring the Troops Home Now! End the Occupation of Afghanistan!
Organise Now for an Anti-War Government in Britain!

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Bring the Troops Home Now! End the Occupation of Afghanistan! Organise Now for an Anti-War Government in Britain!

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Bring the Troops Home Now! End the Occupation of Afghanistan!
Organise Now for an Anti-War Government in Britain!

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), October 24, 2009

Our Party vigorously condemns the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan which has been continued now for over eight years. It is a criminal and illegal occupation. The pretexts given for the aggression against Afghanistan eight years ago – that it was a “war against terrorism” – are the same pretexts that Gordon Brown is giving today, that British troops must remain until Afghanistan ceases to be a “base for terror” and the “terrorist threat” is eliminated.

Have the eight years of occupation done anything to make the world a safer place? No – the “terrorism and violent extremism” that the Prime Minister speaks of could more justly be levelled against British, US and other troops on the soil of another country. Indeed, the “strategic objectives” of the government in Central Asia are committing Britain to long-term interference in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is clear that the present course of the British government is totally bankrupt. The resistance to the Anglo-US-led invasion is growing, the puppet government has no credibility, and the occupying forces are suffering major military reverses. Now is the time to bring the troops home and raise the demand that there must be no British troops on foreign soil.

Our Party calls on the working class and people to intensify their efforts to this end and to demand that the principle of the equality of all nations, big or small, be followed. Justice demands that there must be no interference in the internal affairs of other nations and peoples, that their sovereignty be respected, and especially that the use of force to resolve conflicts between nations and sovereign states be rejected.

The British government has been a past master at intervening under “humanitarian” signboards. The ruling elites have continued to create havoc by holding to the doctrine of “universal values”, as well as to “representative democracy” which they wield as a yardstick, while under this doctrine carrying out military, political and economic violence for their own geo-political ends and for control of markets and resources. It is this that has been creating an increasingly dangerous, aggressive and unstable situation for the world’s peoples. Occupation is not liberation; it is a crime which has no place in the modern world.

The resistance of the people has been growing at home and abroad to aggression and occupation, to the trampling in the mud of international norms of non-intervention, peaceful coexistence and respect for sovereignty that were won at the cost of the blood of millions in the second world war.

The anti-war movement must step up its efforts to call the bluff of the warmongers and their pretexts. To do this, it is imperative to discuss and organise for the alternative. The alternative is summed up in the work to bring into being an anti-war government, with the best representatives from the ranks of the people standing as anti-war candidates. It is imperative to put an end to the crimes against peace and the crimes against humanity being committed by the government in insisting on keeping and stepping up British troops in Afghanistan and the failed “Afghanisation” of the conflict. Empowerment of the people is at the heart of the solution.

RCPB(ML) reiterates its call to organise to bring into being an anti-war government. Not a single youth for imperialist war, not a single worker or intellectual for war production! Stop the government taking society further down the road of meltdown and war!

End the Occupation! Bring the Troops Home Now!

Britain Out of NATO!

No Troops on Foreign Soil!

Organise Now to Elect an Anti-War Government!

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