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Condemn All Acts of War against Libya!
No to Military Intervention,
No to the Use of Force!

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Condemn All Acts of War against Libya! No to Military Intervention, No to the Use of Force!

From the Anti-War Movement :
There Must Be No US or British Intervention in the Middle East!

There Is An Alternative!
All Together in Defence of the Rights of All!

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Condemn All Acts of War against Libya! No to Military Intervention, No to the Use of Force!

The UN Security Council resolution presented by Britain, France, the US and Lebanon, passed by a minority vote, is in effect an act of war against the sovereign country of Libya, and is to be vigorously condemned, no matter what legitimacy may be argued on its behalf. Demanding a ceasefire in Libya itself, it establishes a no-fly zone in the country and authorises the use of “all necessary means” by member states “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”. The UN resolution also authorises the tightening of economic sanctions and an arms embargo against the Libyan government, and enforces a travel ban against named individuals.

Smoke emanating from the tent city in Pearl Square, Bahrain, on March 16
after government forces, backed by foreign troops, cleared the square

The imposition of a no-fly zone requires an aerial attack on Libya, as well as other measures that are tantamount to a declaration of war. Although it appears to exclude military occupation it does provide Britain and it allies with justification for all other forms of intervention and interference in Libya’s affairs, for ignoring its sovereign rights and for the use of military force. The foreign minister of France hypocritically declared that the UN could not stand by and let “the warmongers flout international legality” but it is the warmongering governments of Britain, France and the US that are manipulating and flouting “international legality” in their own interests. It is this warmongering approach that is completely at odds with a growing sentiment in the world that demands that conflicts both with and between countries should be resolved without recourse to the use of force.

Although the resolution was supported by its sponsors and six other countries, it was opposed by Russia, China, Germany, India and Brazil who all abstained from voting. Russia and China did not exercise their veto but all expressed strong reservations about the vague terms of the resolution, expressed doubts about whether it was designed to achieve its stated objectives and demanded that only peaceful means should be employed to end the conflict. The abstainees stated that they were persuaded not to vote against or veto because of the resolution of the Arab League. The Russian, Brazilian and Indian ambassadors to the UN said that external military action was more likely to lead to further civilian casualties and destabilisation throughout the region. The representatives of the British government, on the other hand, immediately welcomed the resolution as a measure to ensure regime change and to further its stated political aims in Libya.

For An Anti-War Government! Once more we see a British government taking the lead in demanding and preparing for armed aggression against a sovereign state in a spirit of bellicose chauvinism. All the Westminster parties have joined in this chorus, despite the lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention Yugoslavia, the Malvinas and elsewhere. Ed Miliband who on becoming leader of the Labour Party contritely declared that the party was wrong to go to war against Iraq is now another cheerleader for crimes against peace.

The Coalition government has continued to boast that it was at the forefront of ongoing efforts to plan and launch an attack on Libya and stepped up its efforts as it became clear that the Libyan government had regained control of much of the country. Although the Anglo-Americans and their allies make much of their “duty to protect” civilians their objective remains greater control of Libya’s natural resources and regime change, which became much less likely to take place solely as a result of internal factors. Earlier in the week, the British government summoned the Libyan ambassador and again called for Muammar Qaddafi to step down. It has also made it clear that it would continue to support the opposition, the so-called Transitional National Council in the east of Libya and those it referred to as “legitimate political interlocutors” even though this is a blatant breach of Libya’s sovereignty and interference in its internal affairs. The French government went even further, recognising the opposition as the “legitimate” government of Libya. It is evident that the governments of Britain, France and the US are determined to bring about regime change by one means or another and events are becoming increasingly reminiscent of those that preceded the invasion of Iraq.

Although Britain and the other leading warmongers have made much of the Arab League’s resolution in favour of a no-fly zone, in fact the 22-country organisation, which includes many with strong ties to the major western powers, also voiced its opposition to foreign military intervention in Libya. This opposition was reiterated in a statement by the Syrian foreign minister earlier in the week, who declared that Syria was against any foreign intervention in the region’s affairs and who referred to the “gruesome” experience of previous foreign intervention in Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon and Gaza.

The motives of Anglo-American imperialism and its allies have now been exposed many times and its aims and actions condemned and opposed throughout the world. As was the case with the invasion of Iraq these cannot be masked nor justified by resolutions of the UN Security Council. It is the responsibility of all democratic people to oppose foreign intervention in Libya and to demand an end to the machinations and interference of Britain and the other big powers throughout the region.

No to Military Intervention and Aggression against Libya!
No to the Use of Force in the International Arena!
Step Up the Struggle for an Anti-War Government!

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From the Anti-War Movement

There Must Be No US or British Intervention in the Middle East!

Far from helping the struggle for democracy, military intervention is no democracy at all!

Ask the people of Iraq and Afghanistan if the "free and fair" elections imposed on them by the bomb and the bullet and torture chamber have led to democracy there. When Israel invaded Gaza and poured white phosphorus onto the Palestinian people, the British government said there was no war crime and both sides should exercise restraint.

Similarly in the Egypt uprising, the call was made that both sides should exercise restraint against a torturing regime. With Gaddafi, any lie and infamy can be heaped on his head with impunity regardless of whether there is any truth in them or not. Britain has all the time been egging on the armed struggle of the "rebels", which in other circumstances they usually call "terrorists" or at the most "insurgents" in order to justify wiping them out when resistance to the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq has taken place.

The Stop the War Coalition has a duty to take its stand against those warmongers Cameron, Hague and the British government who have been in the forefront of calling for intervention in Libya. These characters have been trying to hoodwink the people into thinking that they are so humanitarian when in fact British imperialism has never given up its venal interests in robbing the people of Libya and the people of North Africa of their oil and other precious resources.

In the work of the anti-war movement, the sentiment of the people against intervention has shone through. Even amongst those who have relatives who have been forced to fight in Afghanistan, the ability to see through the Cameron pretexts of humanitarianism has been evident.

Step up the Work of the Stop the War Coalition against Our Own Warmongers!

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There Is An Alternative!
All Together in Defence of the Rights of All!

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

The Coalition government claims that there is no alternative to reducing the deficit by cutting investments in social programmes. Tens upon tens of thousands of people are demonstrating on March 26 to affirm that there is an alternative!

{short description of image}

The issue is not simply stimulating the economy by Keynesian-type workfare programmes. There is a reason for the deficit, and it is that society is geared to paying the rich. The rich are asserting their “right” to a priority claim on the wealth produced by working people and the associated service industries. The government sells its “debt” to pay the rich, the Bank of England prints money to pay the rich, even the banks are taken over by the government in order to pay the rich.

Thus the claim of the Coalition that the priority must be to cut social programmes is a fraud. To invest in social programmes is a way of putting more into the economy than is taken out. It is investment in people and their needs. It is the rich who siphon funds out of the public purse and who trample on public right. It is also a fraud for Cameron to say that “we are all in this together”! The sentiment of the workers’ movement is that the vast majority of people are all together for the alternative! All together in defence of the rights of all!

It is the parasitism of the monopolies and the financiers on the body of the social economy that has been exacerbating the economic crisis. Let us unite to block this parasitism, say no to shouldering the burden of economic meltdown, and resolve the crisis in favour of the working class and people! The people will not accept that public services, pensions and benefit payments should be cut, and that the vulnerable be made the scapegoats for the crisis. This is inhuman, and to claim that there is no alternative is also inhuman.

There Is and Alternative What is human is to affirm that the people’s claims on society must be met as of right. The people have the right to health care, education, pensions, a decent standard of living, and the government must be held to account to guarantee these rights. Who will hold the government to account? The working class, organised as an effective force, a Workers’ Opposition to the Westminster consensus, with its allies in the whole of society. The ethos of this working class movement is that an injury to one is an injury to all. The ethos of the government, and of the infamous “Big Society”, however, is that one’s heart bleeds to see an injury to one as well as to all, but it is not the government’s responsibility, and that one and all must fend for themselves. This simply is not acceptable, cannot be accepted and the people will not tolerate it!

RCPB(ML) calls on everyone to take up this fight for the alternative. We cannot allow the government to hand over funds from the state treasury to the rich and then declare it is necessary to cut back social programmes because of the lack of funds and the need to cut the deficit. We cannot allow the privatisation of public services and then hear the government say it is all because of providing consumers with choice. This is straightforward wrecking activity. Public services and guaranteeing the right of the people to health care and education, far from being in contradiction are both essential in a society worthy of the name of modern and human.

Keep Private Out of Public!
Stop Paying the Rich!
More Funding for Public Services!

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