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Condemn NATO’s Criminal Intervention in Libya!

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Condemn NATO’s Criminal Intervention in Libya!

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Condemn NATO’s Criminal Intervention in Libya!

NATO PowersThe criminal military intervention in Libya by the British government and its NATO allies appears to have reached a significant stage this week with the entry into Tripoli of so-called “rebel” fighters of the so-called National Transitional Council (NTC). This is a collection of forces of dubious origins which has from the start been armed, financed and directed by NATO and whose leader is currently seeking further foreign support in Europe. The armed conflict which has been unfolding is entirely organised and inspired by the NATO alliance, with the prime participation of the British government, including its special armed forces.

The statement made by Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this week can only have been designed to pile disinformation on disinformation about events in Libya, claiming that “free Libyan fighters” controlled most of Tripoli, that the unfolding events were a result of the “will of the Libyan people” and that two of Mouamar Gaddafi’s sons had been “detained”. Later reports showed that no such detentions had taken place, that fighting was still going on in several areas of Tripoli. The reports show also that resistance to the NATO’s intervention in Libya continues in the important towns of Sirte and Sebha.

{short description of image} David Cameron and his government are making strenuous efforts to present the events in Libya as “the will of the Libyan people”, and a “Libyan-led and Libyan-owned process” and even a revolution, when nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that that the governments of Britain, France, the US and their allies have illegally intervened to support an armed “rebellion” in a sovereign country, a so-called “uprising” which itself had dubious origins and which could not have got off the ground without being inspired and organised by the special forces of these countries. They then manipulated the UN Security Council, as well as bodies such as the Arab League, to provide a justification for their criminal activities. The armed intervention itself has consisted of five months of aerial and missile bombardment of the population and infrastructure of Libya, according to NATO nearly twenty thousand sorties by the world’s most powerful military bloc, both to destroy the military capability of the Libyan government to suppress the “rebellion” but also to attempt to weaken the resolve of Libya’s people. It has led to massive destruction and untold deaths, making a mockery of any claim to be concerned with protecting civilians. The recent assault on Tripoli has also reportedly led to deaths and injury of many civilians and appears to have been not only planned and organised by NATO but also to have involved the participation of foreign troops.

The great efforts being made to present the unfolding events as “Libyan-led and Libyan-owned” are not only designed to mask the criminal role of the NATO warmongers in organising regime change and what one Conservative MP has called “the longest assassination attempt in history”. It is also clear that such disinformation and the continued reference to the need to “protect civilians” are designed to present a justification for NATO plans to stay in Libya for a considerable time to come. The NATO occupation of Libya is to take place behind the façade of the NTC in order to establish a political and economic system and neo-colonial government that is to NATO’s liking, to plunder the resources of the country and in order to maintain an important strategic bridgehead in North Africa as Britain and other imperialist powers did in the time of the deposed monarch Idris, whose flag has become the emblem of the so-called revolution of recent months. In the current circumstances, it seems quite likely that NATO, and the British government in particular, will seek to deploy many more “advisors” on the ground as soon as possible. In his statement, David Cameron was not reticent about disclosing the fact that British military “specialists” and “stabilisation experts” have been working with the NTC for months and that that their deploymebt in Tripoli was imminent.

Libyan Students

The Libyan people have a proud history of ridding themselves of foreign occupiers and their agents, in whatever guise they may appear, and there can be no doubt that their struggles to determine their own affairs will continue. RCPB(ML) calls on the working class and people to condemn the British government for its neo-colonial activities in Libya, and its criminal military intervention carried out in the interests the big monopolies and for strategic and military advantage. The use of proxy forces in Libya, the manipulation of the UN, and other international bodies, have established a very dangerous precedent which threatens the interests of the people not only in North Africa and the Middle East but also throughout the world. This criminal intervention flies directly in the face of the principle of opposing the use of force to settle conflicting interests between and within nations. We call on the working class and people to stand behind this principle and to defend the right of the Libyan people, as of all sovereign peoples, to determine their own affairs without foreign interference. Such a stand is crucial not only for averting the whole world’s being engulfed in horrendous conflict, but for ensuring the security and dignity of peace- and justice-loving people in Britain also.

Expose the Lies and Disinformation of the British Government!
Britain Out of NATO!
Condemn NATO’s Criminal Intervention!
For the Sovereignty of the Libyan People!

Britain Urgently Needs an Anti-War Government!

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