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March 16, 2014, Celebration and Seminar on the 35th
Anniversary of RCPB(ML)

March 16 marks the 37th anniversary of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist).

When the Party held its 3rd Congress in 1999, on the threshold of the new millennium, it declared that the Party of John Buckle, Cornelius Cardew and many other comrades who worked to the utmost to build the Party and give it life had not only survived, but that it was taking up the challenge to set the agenda for resolving the problems society faced in the political, economic, social and other spheres. The Party said that this involved setting the line of march to a new society which has the concerns of the vast majority of the people as its basis.

RCPB(ML) pointed out that in this period there is very big pressure for people to say that the movement is everything, that getting involved with and intervening in the movement is the main thing, while the Party's work comes nowhere. "Our Party, however," the Congress stressed, "is constituted on the basis that the objective conditions are over-ripe for revolution but the subjective conditions lag behind. Our entire raison d'etre, therefore, is to prepare these subjective conditions for revolution." The Party, in discussing the question of the form of democratic centralism, pointed out that its defence is one of defending form once content had been decided. "If any concession is made on the question of iron discipline then nothing will be accomplished."

John Buckle addressing the historic June 7, 1981,
conference against racism and fascism

The celebration and seminar two years ago to mark the 35th anniversary of RCPB(ML) raised the issue that the times are calling for building the Party in the 21st century. It set as its theme that of learning from the example of John Buckle and the work to found the Party and lead the movements of the working class and people. This seminar pointed out that the important struggles being carried out by the working class and people's movements such as safeguarding the right to a health service, the right to education, for a future without war, to settle scores with the imperialist elite, are part of one struggle: they are reserves of the struggle of the working class to change society through its revolutionary transformation. The central struggle is that of empowerment, and the Party's method of work is key, for instance the question of the conscious participation in setting the agenda, working out what favours the interests of the working class within the situation. The seminar underlined that importance in this respect of the question of democratic renewal, the renewal of the political processes and institutions. The seminar issued the call to come and join in and contribute to the work of releasing that human power which will avert the danger of war and build a society with human beings at the centre.

2016 began with a political session organised by RCPB(ML), which set out to capture the momentum built up since the 35th anniversary and provide inspiration for the tasks of the future. At its centre was the discussion on how to successfully develop the work for change in 2016, the necessity to organise the working class and people for change and go all out to defeat the austerity agenda and work to bring into being an anti-war government. The situation clearly cries out for change, the gathering summed up. The people's yearnings and aspirations are not simply for some reforms, but for some fundamental change, for a different kind of world in which the people are at the centre.

RCPB(ML) poses the question for solution: should not the Party build itself in the heart of the working class so that the class is organised and made conscious that it must take control of what belongs to it and empower the broad masses of the people? The Party is confident that it must be built professionally and with discipline, on these lines, and that this is the way forward which will weld all the movements of the working class and people into that torrent which will deprive the ruling elite of its power to deprive the working class and people of that power which is rightfully theirs, which the 21st century is demanding.

A red salute to all those forces working for change, democratic renewal and empowerment!
Long Live RCPB(ML)!
Workers of All Countries, Unite!


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