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May First, Day of International Working Class Unity and Struggle

All Out for A Change in Direction for Society!

Call of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), May 1, 2016

On this important occasion of May First, on behalf of the working class throughout Britain, RCPB(ML) sends its revolutionary greetings to the working class, insurgent peoples and oppressed people of all lands who are fighting for their rights, who are fighting against austerity and the anti-social offensive of the ruling elites and those who hold state power on behalf of monopoly capital, and who are fighting to defend their sovereignty and to chart their own destiny without outside interference.

Our Party also takes this opportunity to salute the working class and people throughout Britain, in England, Scotland and Wales, who are taking up the struggle for the pro-social alternative, for a human-centred society, for the rights of the people and for a change in direction for the economy and society, which is so urgently needed.

While May Day last year came at the time of the general election, this year it also comes in the context of an important political battle: over Britain's membership of the European Union. This May Day comes as the working people are getting behind the call to take a stand against the European Union of the Monopolies. A vote to withdraw from this monopoly bloc is a vote for the alternative. It is a vote to take a decisive step to withdraw from an economic and political bloc in which power is concentrated in the hands of the monopolies, which pursues a died-in-the-wool neo-liberal agenda, and which contends for domination on the global stage. In doing so, RCPB(ML) calls on the working class to vigorously uphold the principle of proletarian internationalism, to affirm its stand as an international class, and to reject with contempt the poisonous chauvinism which is being whipped up in the Referendum campaign, and not to line up behind the dog-fights of the monopolies, behind the exhortation to make this or that section of international monopoly capital competitive in the global market. It is essential that the working class affirms its own agenda in this context to constitute itself as the nation, and ensure sovereignty and power passes into the hands of the people themselves. A sovereign economy is what is required, and trade under the control of public authorities for mutual benefit and not for empire-building. The future lies in fighting in defence of the rights of all.

We applaud and congratulate all sections of the working people throughout society who have been waging spirited and unrelenting struggles under the conditions of the retreat of revolution to turn things around and demand and work for a change in the direction of the economy, public services and society. In this respect, the struggle to safeguard the future of the health service as a public and accountable service dedicated to providing health care throughout society as of right is particularly acute. Also of urgency is the struggle of the working class to reverse the destruction of the manufacturing base, and to save the steel industry which is a vital component of a sovereign
economy. All of this, including the defence of the rights of the organised workers, the defence of wages, social programmes and pensions, raises the paramount issue of rendering the struggles of the workers' movement to be at their most effective. It is not just a question of stepping up the resistance. It is an issue of rejecting every capital-centred agenda that seeks to gain influence in the workers' movement and confronting the state power of the monopolies through an agenda that recognises the historic mission of the working class to transform society and to save the day against all attempts to block society's path to progress.

Our Party, RCPB(ML), considers that what is crucial in charting the way forward, is the concentration of the workers on developing their own agenda for change, their own independent programme to Stop Paying the Rich and Increase Investments in Social Programmes, and to fight for the development of the Proletarian Front, the solidarity and unity of all working people, with the aim of completing the transformation of society to one with modern relations of production. The working class must rally all sections of society around its independent programme. It must take the lead in this transformation of society, affirming the dignity of labour itself, and putting an end to all warmongering.

The Proletarian Front must put on its agenda the fight for democratic renewal, the importance of establishing social forms which ensure the unity of working people, and not promote the divisions which the present owners of social wealth attempt to sow in the workers' movement. Above all, the Proletarian Front must conceptualise and fight for the replacement of the anachronistic institutions and arrangements of the capitalist state by modern ones which are consistent with the requirements of the times.

On the occasion of May First 2016, our Party's call is that the working class must rely on its independent thinking and programme, through acts of conscious participation glimpse and struggle for the new in its acts of resistance and the defence of rights. Our stand, which we call on all to affirm, is that there must be One Class, One Programme. In this context, RCPB(ML) also issues a call for the unity of the communists to hammer out this programme and weld the class into that force which can overcome the subjective conditions which monopoly capital seeks to impose on the communist and workers' movement.

Defeat the Austerity Agenda!
For a New Direction for the Economy and Society!
Defend the Rights of All!
Advance Along the Line of March to a New Society!
Organise for the Working Class to Fulfil its Historic Mission and Vest Sovereignty in the People!
Hail May Day!
For a New Society Fit for the 21st Century!


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