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The Central de Trabajadores de Cuba Pays Tribute to Dave Hopper

Trade union delegation from Cuba speaking at the 2015 Durham Miners Gala

With great sadness we received the news of the death of our dear and close friend Dave Hopper.

Dave, who served as General Secretary of the Durham Miners Association for 30 years, was an active and fervent fighter for the rights of miners in Durham and Great Britain and for trade unions unity. For his perseverance in this struggle won the recognition and affection of the British trade union movement.

For many years he understood the struggle of the Cuban people to defend its revolution and socialism, which he dedicated many years of his solidarity and support against the US blockade and the struggle for the freedom of the Five.

The Cuban workers, the Workers' Central Union of Cuba and its unions, will remember him for what he was, a great friend, a great fighter for the rights of the working class, a man with high sensitivity to the problems of labour and social injustice.

The man of the mines has gone, but his example will remain in our struggles forever.

Receive, on behalf of our organisation and Cuban workers, our deepest condolences, which we wish you to convey to his wife, friends and family.


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