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The Battle for the Future Direction of the NHS

National Demonstration "It's Our NHS" - London, March 4, 2017

Call by Health Campaigns Together

Unite has been the first major trade union to respond positively to an appeal from Health Campaigns Together to health unions, local and national campaigns seeking support for a national demonstration in London on 4th March. Other unions are due to discuss it later this month.

The letter, signed by Mike Forster of Hands Off HRI [Huddersfield Royal Infirmary] campaign in Huddersfield and Dr Louise Irvine of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign states:

"We believe the time has come to demonstrate the breadth and depth of support for the NHS and anger and opposition to the destructiveness of Tory policies."

"The NHS crisis will intensify this winter and there will be no let-up in the following months as drastic cost cutting Sustainability and Transformation Plans are rolled out across the country, leading to more cuts and closures."

"We believe this could be a massive demonstration, bringing together the growing number of community campaigns with the trade union movement."

Find out more from Mike & Louise: contact them HERE


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