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The Syrian People Fighting to Defend their Sovereignty
Against Interference of the Anglo-US Imperialists

According to latest reports, tens of thousands of Syrians living in Aleppo have been evacuated from areas previously held by terrorist groups, including those financed by the US, Britain and other countries which seek to overthrow the Assad government. On December 8, the Syrian Arab Army suspended all military operations in eastern Aleppo to evacuate 8,000 civilians. On December 10, more than 20,000 were reported to have exited formerly besieged areas. By December 16, over 3,000 of anti-government fighters had surrendered, according to the Russian Defence Ministry, and many thousands of people had returned to their homes or been evacuated and received humanitarian assistance. Stories of brutality from Syrians forced to live for years under the rule of Anglo-US-backed death squads in Aleppo are already coming to light. The liberation of eastern Aleppo has been completed, according to the Russian Defence Ministry's Centre for Reconciliation, apart from around two percent.

Britain's has been engaged over the last six years in interference in Syria, supporting the "moderate opposition" in an effort to try and overthrow the government of Assad and bring into power a regime that champions Anglo-US interests in Syria. This interference of these Western powers has left hundreds of thousand of Syrian people dead, with millions of Syrian people having to flee as refugees to Europe and other parts of the world.

This human tragedy has been compounded over, and over again by the British government's hostile stance towards these Syrian refugees who have been forced into refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey and barred from entering Britain at Calais. Now, the Syrian government, the Syrian people and their allies that have come to their aid, have increasingly defeated and driven out these armed groups that are occupying their country. This is why Britain, the US and the other NATO powers are crying foul and have suddenly become the champions of "human rights" in Aleppo demonising the Syrian government and Russia, whilst extolling their own role in this terrible human destruction that they have brought about by their interference over six years. Unable to use the UN Security Council to advance NATO proposals for a no-fly zone over Syria, these imperialists have now turned to schemes to use ground forces to establish pockets of territory outside of the control of the Syrian authorities, which they call "humanitarian corridors". This they are doing to try and salvage their aim to bring about regime change, or at least now their long-held plans are set back to dismember parts of Syria and try and plunge Syria into the further chaos that they have created throughout the region and the world.

In fact, the precedent for this interference in Syria was Britain's involvement with NATO in bringing about the overthrow of the Libyan government in 2011. This war crime of the then Cameron government was carried out in a few weeks, when tens of thousands of people were killed by the bombing of the US, Britain, France, Italy and other countries in NATO. This culminated with the despicable murder of the Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi. Even more, this caused a massive destruction of Libya's infrastructure, stealing its wealth as one of the richest countries in Africa. They took its oil, destroyed its water resources, its housing and health care system. This intervention left Libya in anarchy and chaos, a situation from which Libya and its people have never recovered. What is more the Anglo-US imperialists in their arrogance thought they could achieve their aims in Syria - within a similar short time. This has not happened and the conflict has not only brought them into conflict with the Syrian people who have heroically resisted and opposed their interference in their country and defended their sovereignty, but has also brought them into conflict with the allies of the Syrian government, with Russia, China, Iran and other countries.

At this time, the ruling elite is deliberately peddling confusion against the stand of the anti-war movement in Britain, who oppose Britain's interference in Syria, oppose Britain's bombing and its military involvement in supplying special forces to fight and train the "moderate opposition" in Syria. In October, Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary said in Parliament that the Stop the War Coalition should encourage people to "march on the Russian embassy" over the country's role in the Syrian conflict and others since have gained notoriety for criticising Stop the War, as well as the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, for "only condemning the west".

The anti-war movement does not have to answer to the British warmongers. Syria's right to sovereignty means that its government will seek help from its allies when faced with the threat from the Anglo-US imperialists and the threat from the proxy armies that they and their allies have armed and trained. It is the Anglo-US imperialists' efforts to decide the future of countries and their peoples, so as to serve their own empire-building, whether in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Haiti, Cuba, DPRK or any other country, which is precisely what has resulted in the most heinous and gross violations of human rights of the peoples of the world.

The issue for the anti-war movement is not simply a case of standing on the sidelines, and casually condemning each and every incidence of violence. It is true that as a principle the people's movement fights that international affairs must be sorted out without resource to armed might. But this is directed towards depriving the purveyors of the doctrine of "might makes right" the power to impose their will by armed aggression, by fomenting regime change by overt and covert means, and by the crime against peace of preparing and launching war.

The anti-war movement must consciously take up the task of bringing about an anti-war government in Britain. That is why it is so crucial that the movement aims its blow against the British government, which is a war government. Furthermore, bringing about an anti-war government does not simply mean replacing one political party with another. It is a fundamental task to be elaborated and fought for, that the stand and participation of the people in fighting against war must be reflected in the aim to deprive the warmongers of power, which includes a serious democratic renewal of the political process and empowering the working class and people. An anti-war government is the aim. As a crucial step, the movement must be built on the outlook of settling scores with the warmongering of those in power in Britain. This is a major contribution that the working class and people can make to averting further catastrophes and securing peace and stability.


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