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Political Forum in the North East of England on the Future of Society

The second in the series of Political Forums on the Future of Society is to take place this Saturday, January 28, 10.00am - 5.00pm, in Durham.

The workers' and people's movements are affirming that the problems facing society, including the danger of war, the destruction of the manufacturing base, and the trampling on the rights of all human beings, demand resolution and that working people - youth, women, workers, the people as a whole - are the force that can bring about change.

The Political Forums on the Future of Society aim to give a profile to the Party's work on these fronts and encourage all the forces in motion to work out together how to realise a modern society and take control of the future. The objective situation is such that what is absent today is the ability, the power, of the working class and people to take control of their lives and be the decision-makers. The Political Forums will also discuss the concrete work and practical politics required to ensure the success of the pro-social movements of the people and remove the blocks to the progress of society.

The Forum in Durham will discuss the issues of: Claims on society; Building the movement for an anti-war government; and Democratic renewal.

Further Political Forums will be held in the coming months in Birmingham and Exeter, as well as elsewhere. Let us join together to affirm the necessity for change, change which empowers the people to gain control over their lives and work, which is their right!


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