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No to the Anglo-US Imperialist Alliance!
Defend the Rights of All!

26,000 crammed into Whitehall on the evening of January 30

The inauguration of the oligarch Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, followed by his issuing of executive orders on January 25 and 27 attacking the rights of immigrants and the conception and responsibilities of citizenship, has fuelled opposition not only in the US and North America but throughout the world, including Britain.

These executive orders, now temporarily banned by the US courts but which Trump vows still to implement one way or another, have been condemned as not only violating the principles of the recognised international rule of law governing state-to-state relations, but crucially as attacking the rights of immigrants and attempting to criminalise them. Demonstrations spontaneously broke out condemning the restriction of entry into the US of refugees and most citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria. The sentiment of the demonstrations was to declare that No One Is Illegal, that this is a moment when no one can stay silent and stand by, and to condemn the measures as destabilising, warmongering, racist and destructive.

Cardiff, January 30

In Britain, demonstrators crammed Whitehall on January 30, and on February 4 demonstrations were organised across the country, including as many as 40,000 from all walks of life in London. February 4 was a Day of Action across the globe. The call in Britain was not only to condemn the ban and its state-organised racism and to defend the rights of immigrants and refugees and to oppose Islamophobia, but to demand that, following Theresa May's recent visit to hold hands with Trump, the invitation for a state visit be downgraded. This is also the demand of the petition signed by well over one million, that should Trump visit Britain, it must be at a lower protocol level than a state visit. In the House of Commons, the Speaker, John Bercow, affirmed that he would not countenance President Trump addressing Parliament, which was met by applause.

It was on January 30 that the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, claimed to have received assurances from the US embassy that Trump's executive order would make no difference to any British passport holder, irrespective of their country of birth or whether they hold another passport, a statement upon which doubt has been cast. However, it remains the case that the countries targeted by the executive order have all been targets of US destabilisation, regime change and interference under the past two US administrations. Not only this, but successive British governments have been the partners in crime of the US in bombings, invasion, occupation and destructive interference of these states.

Glasgow, January 30

This Anglo-US imperialist alliance must be condemned as a tool of US imperialist hegemony, as well as the reactionary programme of the British government of "Making Britain Great Again", in conjunction with the Trump doctrine of "Making America Great Again". Boris Johnson declared of this alliance that it was of "vital importance". He continued: "On defence, intelligence and security, we work together more closely than any other two countries in the world. That relationship is overwhelmingly to our benefit. The Prime Minister's highly successful visit to the White House last week underlined the strength of that transatlantic alliance." This alliance is not an alliance of equals but sees Britain as the junior partner and faithful ally of the US in its programme of strengthening the warmongering NATO alliance, imposing the dictate of the US-led imperialist system of states, and committing crimes against peace and against humanity.

The government has been utilising the Brexit vote to strengthen this alliance with the US, especially allying itself with its reactionary programme of state terrorism and racism, of warmongering, militarism and destabilisation, and the fomenting of anarchy and violence.

In opposition the people are uniting in action to defend the rights of all. It is this resistance struggle of the people united in action which itself must and will open the path to progress, as they advance their cause of creating new and modern arrangements which favour them and over which they can exercise control, as the old forms and content are spent, reactionary and create only further dangers for the people. It is vital to step up the organised and conscious struggle to defend the rights of all and to establish an anti-war government in Britain. The demand of the people in struggle is to end the Anglo-US imperialist alliance, to build the new arrangements and ensure that the fight to defend the rights of all is crowned with success.

Edinburgh, January 30

Manchester, January 30

Bristol, January 30

Newcastle, January 30

Leeds, January 30

Leicester, January 30

40,000 demonstrate in London, February 4

London, February 4

Ireland, Dublin - US Embassy

US, San Francisco January 30

Canada, Ottowa January 30


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