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The Battle for the Future of the NHS

All Out for March 4!

London Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) Co-ordinating Committee held a meeting on January 24, with representatives of the many campaigns to safeguard the future of the health service that are mushrooming all over London. The discussion centred on the significance of the coming "Our NHS" demonstration on March 4. Local KONP committees are also active in many parts of England, and are mobilising for the March 4 demonstration.

Thus demonstration is going to be a powerful event, a focus for the intense anger over the NHS across the country. "We are building a movement, not just a demonstration" said John Lister, a long-standing health campaigner. Support is gathering fast from unions, the British Medical Association, health campaigns, political figures and parties.

There was a palpable enthusiasm that the opposition to the barbaric undermining and underfunding of the NHS is not just growing in size, but also in quality and depth. This is evident, for example, in grasping and unravelling the main issues and bringing these to the attention of the public, such as the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). People agreed that the work for the demonstration will help build the movement, work in which local health campaigns, Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together are already playing key roles. It is this - the independent movement with its own aims and programme - that will prove decisive.


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