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Unite in Action to Defend the Rights of All

Statement of RCPB(ML), March 22, 2017

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RCPB(ML) sends its condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured today on and near Westminster Bridge. It pays tribute to the courage, professionalism and compassion of the emergency services, including those nurses and junior doctors who immediately left St Thomas' Hospital to rush to attend to the victims.

The latest reports are that a lone individual at around 2:40pm used a vehicle to mow down pedestrians on the bridge, before stabbing a police officer at the gates to New Palace Yard, who died shortly after of his wounds. Five people, including the police officer and the alleged attacker, have died at the time of writing, the latter being shot by armed police at Westminster, and as many as 40 people injured, some very seriously. The alleged attacker has not been named, though Scotland Yard says his identity is known. Downing Street said that Prime Minister Theresa May would chair a Cabinet Office Briefing Room (COBRA) emergency meeting this evening.

The attack has occurred in a climate of anarchy and violence. The ruling elites in this country, the US and other big powers have been intent on demonising so-called enemies of democracy, particularly Muslims, and criminalising those that they label as enemies of their values. Thus news reports have been full of such quotes as that the terrorist has struck at the home of British democracy.

The climate of fear being imposed is an assault on the right to conscience. The imposition of "British values" is part of this assault. The people must demand that the colonialist past and imperialist present of the big European powers be repudiated and that the stated policy of governments in Britain, for illegal intervention and regime change in Iraq, Libya and Syria, which has only brought more insecurity, instability and violence, be ended.

Instead of calm, hysteria is being promoted. Far from a government based on the rights of the people and their sovereignty, the government is even standing in the way of self-determination of the peoples of Scotland as well as Wales, as well as rewriting the history of the crimes of Britain ruling the waves, its colonial heritage and present outlook, to re-establish a "Great" Britain and an Empire 2.0. This is the reality of "our way of life", "cherished democracy" and "British values".

The state is attempting to sway public opinion in a grossly self-serving way, against anything alleged to be "foreign" and particularly Muslim. Its own creation of divisions and hate is accompanied by grossly hypocritical words against "hate crime" and the need for "integration". In effect, this is being used to foster their warmongering project abroad, as well as to promote racism and chauvinism and to attack rights at home.

The context of the tragic incident is also one where the anti-war movement and the stand of the people against racism and Islamophobia are being vilified. Meanwhile the First World War is being glorified, with praise for "our glorious dead", while the actions of millions upon millions in the Second World War to defeat Nazism and fascism are being turned into one of a stand against "totalitarianism", while the right to resist oppression and the right to be are themselves labelled terrorism.

The people are being incited to define this tragic incident as "terrorist". This has happened even though the attacker was reported as acting alone and nothing is known as to his motives, save that attention is being drawn to the fact that today is the first anniversary of the attacks in Brussels. This incident is called "terrorism", while the killing of MP Jo Cox by a neo-Nazi is not. In reality, this incident underlines that the people must unite in action in defence of the rights of all, opposing anarchy and violence, racism and reaction, including Islamophobia.

The people must take a stand against this tragic action being used to negate the rights of the people. "Standing together" must mean taking a stand based on justice. It means unity in action in defence of the right to conscience, and to resist reaction and retrogression. This reaction and retrogression is real, but so is the people's spirit of resistance and the desire for empowerment.

No to the Imposition of Allegedly "British Values"!
Unite in Action in Defence of the Rights of All!


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