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Successful Holding of Birmingham Political Forum on the Future of Society

On the initiative of RCPB(ML), a successful Political Forum on the Future of Society was held in Birmingham in the West Midlands on March 25.

The Political Forum raised important questions facing the political and social movements in society, especially the workers' movement, the movement to safeguard the future of the health service and the other social programmes, and the movement for democratic renewal.

The Birmingham Political Forum had the character of giving priority to the independent programme of the working class, and encouraging everyone to participate in the discussions on that basis. In the course of this, various views were given and were vigorously discussed. Much thought went into what was said, and the discussion on the papers presented revealed some of the important problems that face the workers' movement and the building of the unity of class conscious workers.

Here we reproduce the presentation given on the workers' movement.


Exeter Political Forum

The West Country Political Forum on the Future of Society will be held in Exeter on Saturday, May 20, from 11.00am to 5.00pm.

For further details, and to register to participate, please email:


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