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For Your Information

No to Trump's attacks on Syria
No to British support

Call for Emergency Protest at Downing Street, April, 7 2017

The Stop the War Coalition condemns Donald Trump's decision to launch attacks against Syrian targets. This action will only increase the level of killing in Syria, and inflame the terrible war that has already caused untold misery for the people of the country.

This is the worst possible way to respond to the indefensible attack at Khan Sheikhun. As well as deepening the tragedy of the Syrian people, this utterly irresponsible act threatens to widen the war and lead the West into military confrontation with Russia.

It is shameful that Theresa May has rushed to support this act by the most xenophobic and reactionary US president in history.

Stop the War calls for protests today against this or any further attacks and against British support or participation. The protest in London will take place today at Downing Street from 5 to 7pm.


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