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Urgent Need to Develop the Independent Politics
of the Working Class and Uphold the Rights of All!

On the occasion of May First 2017, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) sends militant greetings to the working class and people and congratulates them for all the struggles they have waged in the past year in defence of their rights.

On April 18, Prime Minister Theresa May announced her decision to call a general election on June 8. The following day a majority of MPs in the House of Commons approved this plan. Dissolution of Parliament will take place on Wednesday, May 3.

What does Prime Minister May think these elections will accomplish? Will they “secure the strong and stable leadership the country needs to see us through Brexit and beyond”, as she says?

The referendum on Brexit sorted out none of the contradictions within the ruling class; how does May propose that a general election will sort them out? It won't. It is just another desperate attempt to use her control of the state apparatus to wipe out contending factions within the financial oligarchy while keeping the working class and people in check. It has nothing to do with finding a way forward consistent with the needs of the working people who live in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland or with providing Britain with an aim consistent with the needs of its people for peace and an end to the plunder of their resources and destruction of the productive forces, let alone the peoples of the world.

The election call and campaign reveal the deep all-sided crisis in which Britain, but also France and all members of the EU, is mired as a result of the stranglehold of the monopolies and the dangerous inter-imperialist contention for control over Europe. After the referendum on the EU in June last year which led to the resignation of David Cameron and the “coronation” of Theresa May, the government has continued to further align Britain with the US imperialists in their own striving to control Europe and take over Asia.

As for the fraud of what are called the Brexit negotiations, these elections will not sort out the interests of different sets of oligopolies and monopoly interests which are fighting it out, using everything at their disposal. This includes the armed forces and NATO and the covert methods and dirty tricks in the arsenal of what are called intelligence agencies. In this respect, Theresa May faces deep divisions within the Conservative Party itself which the elections will also not sort out.

Neither elections, nor the Party system itself, nor Parliament function in the way they were designed to do a century and more ago. They were designed to sort out differences between the factions of the ruling class organised into the two main traditional political parties so as to reach reasonable accommodations, while maintaining the working class and people in check, tied to their apron strings. Since then, the working class won the right to vote but, despite establishing a political party of its own, the system which is said to be representative blocks them from coming to power.

But the striving for empowerment of the working class is what has always forced open the door to progress. Today, more than ever, the working class continues to fight for an economy that provides for all and for justice, peace and freedom. This is why the ruling elite and their media are using this election, just as they used the Referendum on Brexit, to push a massive disinformation campaign to deprive the working class and people of their own outlook on the basis of which they can find their bearings and make an advance. The working people require a political movement which expresses the demands of the working class for an end to the regime which refuses to recognise their rights on any front whatsoever - whether to a livelihood, security in retirement, healthcare, education, housing and peace of mind, as well as peace by withdrawing Britain from NATO and all military adventures around the world.

In the context of Brexit, Theresa May spoke about the priority of “economic certainty”. It is the last thing the election is likely to bring. The problems of the economy will not be solved by any of the competing sets of oligarchs, who make their fortunes based on plundering the state treasury, speculating on financial markets and wiping each other out. The demand of the working class for manufacturing to serve the needs of the economy is not on the agenda and it is not a matter of good or bad policies of good or bad politicians. The ruling elite is now also haunted by the fact that “post-Brexit” they stand to lose the City of London as a centre of finance capital. This problem is in fact nothing new, merely resurfacing at this time in the competition with Germany and the US to control Europe's and the world's financial markets and transactions.

In this regard, the sun set on the British Empire long ago. Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair promised to Make Britain Great Again on the basis of the destruction of even the conception of a society which is responsible for the well-being of its members and through assaults on the entire British working class. This has been coupled with continued brutal dispossession of the peoples of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the rest of Europe and Asia, Africa and even Latin America and the Caribbean.

The alleged choice that May presents between stability and strong government or chaos is the same call as was made by David Cameron. It is a desperate hope that by strengthening the arbitrary authority of police powers, the people will submit their wealth willingly to the moloch of finance capital. But the working class and peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland say No! They have continued to express their own demands, independent of the in-fighting between this and that faction of the ruling class. To blame the people for the backward ideological beliefs of the rulers and demand that they choose between one faction and the other will not succeed in staunching the people's striving for empowerment, justice and peace.

To divide the people and disorient them, the rulers have launched a vicious campaign of denigrating the stands and character of Jeremy Corbyn. This too is done to destroy the Labour Party and disorient the working class. It shows that the main target of attack in these elections is the working class and all those who want to open a path to progress and who demand their right to have a say over all the affairs which affect their lives. It is to make sure the slogan for a change in the direction of the economy does not get off the ground and that the anti-war movement is smashed. The call for “strong government”, for the use of unfettered police powers, will not sort out the climate of anarchy and violence which accompanies the destruction of the public authority which was established after World War II. All attempts to deny and criminalise the people's right of conscience under the guise that this is what causes instability, must be opposed.

Let us also use this election to defeat all attempts to blame the working class and people for the warmongering, chauvinist, racist and anti-people stands which the ruling class itself espouses. Let us step up our demands for the right to healthcare and education, for the right to pensions and a decent standard of living, for a change in the direction of the economy, against the dictates of the plutocrats and oligopolies and the state that serves them, for the security of the people which lies in the fight for the rights of all, and for the recognition of the rights of all citizens and residents which comprise the UK and of the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, as well as for an anti-war government.

These are dangerous times. On May First and during the general election, we say:

All Out to Develop the Independent Politics of the Working Class and Uphold the Rights of All!
Workers of All Countries, Unite!

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