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Queen's Speech at a glance

All the Government's legislation for the new Parliament


Repeal Bill

Previously known as the Great Repeal Bill, this bill repeals the European Communities Act 1972, transposing 43 years of existing EU laws into British statute.

Customs Bill

A bill to ensure the UK has its own separate customs regime after Brexit, with the "flexibility to accommodate future trade agreements with the EU and others".

Trade Bill

A bill to "cement the UK's status as a leading trading nation" with an independent trade policy after Brexit.

Immigration Bill

This repeals EU immigration policy, bringing an end to freedom of movement.

Fisheries Bill

A bill to return control of British fisheries to Westminster.

Agriculture Bill

A bill to support British farmers and protect the natural environment after Brexit.

Nuclear Safeguards Bill

This establishes a UK nuclear regulatory regime once Britain withdraws from Euratom.

International Sanctions Bill

A bill to establish a UK framework for implementing non-UN sanctions and "enable continued compliance with international law".


Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

Allows for new charging points for electric and hydrogen vehicles, as well as extending compulsory car insurance to automated.

Space Industry Bill

This provides new powers to licence a "wide range of new commercial spaceflight", with an accompanying regulatory framework.

High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill

Sets out the next phase of HS2 between Birmingham and Crewe.

Smart Meter Bill

The bill extends powers to change smart meter regulations by five years and sets up a new Special Administration Regime to ensure the smart meter service continues to operate in the event of the provider becoming insolvent.

National Insurance Contributions Bill

Puts into effect changes made in the Budget and Autumn Statement, excluding the now-defunct proposals to hike Class 4 National Insurance contributions for the self-employed.


Travel Protection Bill

A bill to improve travel protection for tourists by bringing regulations up to date with online holiday bookings.

Draft Tenant's Fees Bill

This bill brings in substantial changes to the private rented market, banning landlords and estate agents from levying big fees and capping holding deposits and security deposits.

Draft Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill

Building on the Tory manifesto, this would establish a Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner, issue a new definition of domestic abuse and new protection orders and bring in sentencing which reflects abusive behaviour towards children.

Civil Liability Bill

A bill to clamp down on fraudulent whiplash claims and potentially reduce car insurance payments by £35 per year.

Courts Bill

Bring in a range of measures, including an end to victims facing direct cross-examination by alleged perpetrators, introducing digital services to speed up cases and improving the working environment for judges.

Financial Guidance and Claims Bill

This consolidates financial advice bodies into one organisation responsible for debt, money and pension guidance.

Goods Mortgage Bill

Updates Victorian era laws on 'logbook loans', protecting borrowers take out mortgages on goods such as their car.


Armed Forces Bill

Supports service personnel by enabling part-time service, limiting geographic deployment and easing the transition back from time off such as parental leave.

Data Protection Bill

A new law to replace the Data Protection Act 1998, modernising data processing by law enforcement agencies and allowing internet users to be "forgotten" if they wish.

Draft Patient Safety Bill

Establishes the Health Service Safety Investigation Body in statute, with powers to investigate safety concerns in the NHS, while protecting whistleblowers by prohibiting disclosure of their evidence, except if there is a risk to patients or evidence of criminal activity.


- A review of the Government's counter-terrorism strategy

- A new Commission for Countering Extremism

- A public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire

- Establishing an Independent Public Advocate to support families affected by public disasters such as Hillsborough

- Reform to the mental health system including a Green Paper on Children and Young People's mental health

- 'Proposals for consultation' on changes to the social care system

- A new Digital Charter to make the UK "the safest place to be online"

(John Ashmore, PoliticsHome)


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