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Our Concerns On Entering the New Year

Activists of RCPB(ML) ushered in the New Year by gathering in London on January 6 and reflecting on the achievements of the British working class and people in 2017, along with their own work to sort out the crisis in a manner which favours the people.

Discussions reviewed the disastrous course on which the ruling class has embarked of continuing the anti-social offensive despite repeated calls and demands of the people to change course.

A toast to the New Year delivered by Michael Chant, General Secretary of RCPB(ML), hailed the struggles of the people of the world against the imperialist powers, their wars of aggression, their nuclear blackmail and the destruction of all the people hold dear as marks of humanity and civilisation. He hailed the Cuban people, who are solving the problems in being their own decision-makers in the face of the savage US-led blockade. He hailed the Korean people who are fighting to defend their own chosen path and avert nuclear holocaust in the face of US-led hostility and sanctions, which amount to an act of war against the DPRK.

In the last year the Party began a series of vibrant discussions involving the working people in setting their own line of march in 2018. This involves settling scores with the old framework of action and thinking engendered by the Cold War and instead establishing a new reference point, one which centres on the necessity for the alternative and calls for all to join in fighting for an anti-war government. The Party will step up the tempo of this work throughout 2018.


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