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International Women's Day
At the Forefront of Humanity's Struggle for Rights and Social Progress

Thousands take part in the International Women's Day march in London - Sunday, 4 March 2018

As International Women's Day 2018 is celebrated, it is notable that women at this time are standing in the forefront of the struggle of humanity for the rights of all, against reaction and for social progress. The forces which are blocking the revolutionary transformation of society may have the initiative, with the neo-liberal anti-social offensive, which includes their warmongering, aggression and the creation of chaos on a global scale. And indeed, in this offensive, women are more often than not at the focus of these attacks. But nevertheless women themselves are in the front ranks of resistance, and providing an inspiring and courageous example in refusing to be passive victims of the offensive and marginalised, and in affirming their rights are striving to open the path to a new society, one in which the rights of all are defended, and one in which the discrimination against women is a thing of the past, as all human beings stand in their place.

In particular, women are at the forefront of the struggle to bring into being an anti-war government, to bring into being new arrangements in society, arrangements which empower women and all the people, and in which women stand as second to none. The society which they are striving to bring into being is one which recognises the claims of all its members as of right, and in which the demands of the rich and powerful that the maximising of capitalist profit globally are what should govern society are totally discounted.

Not only are women courageously speaking out despite all attempts to perpetuate the situation where they are considered fair game, but they are setting an inspiring example as their voice is raised higher and higher in defence of their rights and for depriving those who have usurped power by force of that power, and bringing about a society in which the recognition of the dignity of all is the condition for the flourishing of women.

Protesters outside the Home Office voice support for women on hunger strike at Yarl's Wood immigration detention centre, last week - PA

This is so whether one looks at the women who are incarcerated at Detention Centres such as Yarl's Wood, or women from national minority backgrounds who refuse to be categorised as illegal, or women who are outraged at being treated as objects and not human beings. In addition, collectives of women are fighting against being discriminated against when it comes to pension rights, they are fighting against the denial of social child-care, or being given job descriptions which both put them on a lower pay-scale and/or trample on their rights at work. The conclusion is being drawn that the society in which private interests can exercise political and other decision-making power is the source of the second-class status, discrimination against and exploitation of women. No longer must women experience violence and affronts to their dignity. No longer must they be left to fend for themselves. This is becoming the rallying cry, and to free the whole society of relations between human beings which taken together perpetuate a backward economic, political and social culture towards women, women are joining that project for the empowerment of all working people. They are setting their sights on a society which bears full responsibility for the care of women, children and families.

Cinema workers involved in a long-running pay dispute stage a strike on International Women's Day

It was in 1911 that the first International Women's Day was celebrated. It made its focus the call for peace, a call that was issued by communist women in Europe in the conditions of the war preparations which led to the imperialist First World War. Now it scarcely needs proof that today women are the mightiest force for peace on a world scale. The movement in Britain today against the destructive, arrogant, contemptuous and marauding nature and activities of the ruling elite has reached such a pitch that the demand for an anti-war government is being heard across England, Scotland and Wales. On the occasion of the 2018 International Women's Day, let us intensify the fight to establish an anti-war government in Britain with women once again at the forefront.

Workers' Weekly once again pays tribute to all women throughout the world who are boldly fighting to affirm their rights and the rights of all, who are militantly standing up in the front ranks of those fighting for peace, and who are heroically at the forefront of humanity's struggle for social progress and to put an end to aggression and war.

Women's security lies in the fight for the rights of all! Toronto, Canada

Women workers in Spain are marking International Women's Day with an
unprecedented strike targeting gender inequality and sexual discrimination.

Thousands march in London for International Women's Day - Sunday, 4 March 2018

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