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MAY DAY 2018

A Call to Build the New

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

May Day is the time for the workers to affirm their own programme. Society at this time is faced with a multitude of problems. These are problems for solution, but experience has long-since shown how the ruling elite are utterly incapable of finding any solutions. It is also increasingly evident that none of the arrangements in society function so as to resolve any issues. The need is for the New. The working class is that force that is able to lead the way forward; it is the workers who must shoulder their social responsibility and take the lead in transforming society.

The ruling elite are unable to provide the rights of all with a guarantee. They serve only private interests and refuse to subordinate these interests to the general interests of society. These private interests have become so monopolised and all-encompassing that increasingly nothing is permitted to stand in their way. Public authority and all the arrangements of civil society are being destroyed. The ruling elite are attempting to concentrate all powers in the hands of the executive to implement whatever they decide without fear of being brought to account.

The capital-centric outlook of the ruling elite denigrates workers as a cost of production. This elite resorts to straightforward imposition to deny workers any say over who can claim what out of the very value that their work has created by the application of their labour power to the raw materials of Mother Earth.

The private interests of the monopolies and oligopolies stand in ever-sharper contradiction to the socialised nature of the economy. For the working class, on the other hand, this socialised economy lies at the very essence of their being. It is the working class who must, on behalf of the whole of society, fight vigorously to defend the rights of all, rights which they possess simply as rights by virtue of being human. They can have no illusions that any other force will take the lead in transforming society.

And in conditions of increased contention by desperate falling and fallen empires seeking in vain to make themselves great again - such as "Global Britain", with its aggressive interference in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere - the working class and people have the urgent mission to deprive the ruling elite of their power to wage war. The peoples of Scotland and Wales must be empowered to pursue their nation-building projects on a modern basis in which the people are the sovereign power.

The need for an anti-war government is not a mere question of policy, but of democracy itself. It is part and parcel of the need for pro-social governance in general, governance with the guaranteeing of the rights of all as its central aim. Starting with the stand that such warmongering is not in our name, we call specifically for all to take up the crucial work to build committees based on the necessity for an anti-war government.

May Day is a time to uphold the high road of civilisation. It is a time for the workers in Britain to affirm their proletarian internationalism, their common cause with the workers of all lands, which is the New.

The workers need no condescending saviours. They are capable of doing better. The situation must be turned around. In affirming their independent political programme, they must strengthen the movement for their own empowerment, bring into play their numbers, organisation and class consciousness. And as a necessary part of this, the political party of the working class must be built.

The workers are already engaged in many just battles in defence of their rights, in defence of health and safety at work, in fighting for decent pensions and affirming their claims on the value they produce for society, in proudly upholding the dignity of labour. The working class inscribes on its banner the defence of the rights of all, its proletarian internationalism, an anti-war government and an economy which serves the well-being of society and harmonises collective interests with the general interests of that society.

The working class opposes the slogan of the ruling elite, which is to entrench the Old and moribund, with the call to build the New. In this year of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, who affirmed that the old relations must be replaced by new relations in a world of socialised humanity, let the working class affirm that this is the problem they are taking up for solution, defending the rights of all and building the New!

Long Live May Day!
All Out to Build the New!


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