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"A new deal for working people"

TUC's March for the Alternative

The TUC's march for the alternative on Saturday, May 12, "A new deal for working people", highlights the effects of the anti-social offensive on the working class and the whole of society, and can be said to be part of the struggles that working people are waging to turn things around.

This is no small matter. The neo-liberal agenda is only entrenching the all-round crisis of society, in particular that of the economy. In other words, it is not a matter of declarations but of bringing the human factor/social consciousness into play so that new relations are brought into being in a world of socialised humanity.

The fight goes on for workers to claim that section of the social product that they engender through their work that they determine as of right. They also demand that the whole of the wealth they produce whether in industry, in the health and education services, manufacturing, transport, and so, be applied for the benefit of society and not go towards pay-the-rich schemes and bolstering the privileges of the rich and powerful.

As the TUC points out, three million workers are stuck on zero hours contracts, in agency work and in low-paid self-employment. Workers in the public sector have been denied pay rises which have meant effective cuts in wages and standards of living. The drive of the ruling elite towards privatisation has affected all social programmes and services, and poverty, homelessness and an increase in vulnerability have also been the result of this agenda and the irresponsibility of the ruling elite towards the future of society.

To turn things around, the TUC says: "We're marching for the alternative. For a growing economy with great jobs in every nation and region of the UK. For a £10ph minimum wage and the right to a voice at work. For public services that are brilliant, funded and free at the point of use. And for a society that roots out racism, sexism and discrimination."

The working class is that social force which can give the economy a new direction. A new direction means that the social product and new value workers produce is utilised for the common good and not to pay the rich and powerful. The needs of the people require uninterrupted extended reproduction and global relations based on mutual respect and benefit.

A new society is the goal of working people. They are fighting day-in-day-out for their rights and interests. They know that to complain ever more vociferously and precisely what problems they face is not itself the answer to overcoming these problems. The conclusion must be that the present set-up represents the Old and is no way to run an economy or society. Enough is enough, and working people demand the New!


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