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"A new deal for working people"

Working Class Has the Right to Solve Society's Problems

The working class has shown that it has the experience and capability to progress and solve problems in industry and throughout the world of work. The present crisis in society affecting the direction of the economy demonstrates, on the other hand, that the competing private interests which have a stranglehold on the economy are blindly irresponsible and wreck the economy with their self-serving agenda.

But how to turn things around? What is for sure is that the way of running the economy which uses the state to enforce the sway of these private interests and leave the working class out of the equation is an obsolete way of doing so.

As RCPB(ML)'s May Day call said: "The ruling elite are unable to provide the rights of all with a guarantee. They serve only private interests and refuse to subordinate these interests to the general interests of society. These private interests have become so monopolised and all-encompassing that increasingly nothing is permitted to stand in their way. Public authority and all the arrangements of civil society are being destroyed. The ruling elite are attempting to concentrate all powers in the hands of the executive to implement whatever they decide without fear of being brought to account."

There must be a new way of running the economy in which the experience and organisation of the working class is brought to bear. The block on the right of the working class to solve the problems of society and to change the direction of the economy must be consciously fought and challenged. New forms of governance, new politics, new relations of production must be conceptualised and fought for. This is a necessity so that society can set an aim in conformity with modern forms of socialised production and social existence.

The working class must exercise its leadership in all fields of society, including against war and militarisation and for an economy and society in which health and education are recognised as rights for all and a budget is set which serves such an economy, and global trade and other international relations are based on friendship and mutual benefit, not on aggression and intervention.

As our May Day call emphasised: "The workers need no condescending saviours. They are capable of doing better. The situation must be turned around. In affirming their independent political programme, they must strengthen the movement for their own empowerment, bring into play their numbers, organisation and class consciousness. And, as a necessary part of this, the political party of the working class must be built."

It is the working class which has the right to rally all progressive forces round it, solve society's problems, and prepare the conditions for the New.


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