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Britain and Palestine

British Government's Continued Support for Zionist Israel Must Be Condemned!

Just a few weeks after the massacre of Palestinian men, women and children during the Great March of Return in Gaza, Prime Minister Theresa May has welcomed Benyamin Netanyahu, head of the Zionist Israeli regime to Britain. Following the recent massacres in Gaza, Zionist Israel has faced international condemnation. Even the British government was forced to utter a few words of concern: during Netanyahu's visit Michael Howard, the former leader of the Conservative Party, suggested that Zionist Israel should adopt other non-lethal methods of suppressing the protests of the Palestinian people. Howard suggested the use of rubber bullets but added that the Zionist regime might perhaps use live ammunition but without killing people. His remarks highlighted the fact that such is the barbarism of the Israeli Zionism that even its most fervent supporters find themselves exposed as defenders of the indefensible.

Nevertheless, the British government remains one of the main backers of the Zionist regime. In her discussions with Netanyahu, Prime Minister May also expressed some concern about the murder of Palestinian people but reiterated the government's support for "Israel's right to self-defence". This expression has long been used by Britain, the US and others to mean that from the perspective of the big powers, Israel has the right to deny the Palestinians their rights and most importantly the right to self-determination. It is in that context, but also in the geopolitical interests of the big powers, that Zionist Israel has been armed, financed and supported since its creation in 1948. For this reason, the right of the Palestinian people to resist, to self-defence and to defend their sovereignty is not recognised by Britain and the other big powers. Theresa May openly attacked the legitimate actions of the patriotic government of Gaza led by Hamas. As in the past the British government presents the view that self-defence by the Palestinian people and its government are a justification for Israeli state terrorism.

From this perspective, it is not surprising that the rights of the Palestinian people were not on the agenda of the meetings held between May and Netanyahu. Nor the expansion of Zionist Israel and its illegal settlements. Rather, the main focus was on their shared concerns in the region, highlighting the fact that Zionist Israel continues to be used as a cat's paw by Britain and the other big powers, to facilitate their intervention throughout western Asia. May and Netanyahu therefore discussed the threats to their interests posed by Iran's alleged "destabilising influence", as well as their desire for regime change in Syria.

The British government must be totally condemned for its continual backing of the Zionist regime in Israel, its denial of the rights of the Palestinian people and its continuing interference throughout the region.


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