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For An Anti-War Government!

No to the Deployment of British Troops in Afghanistan!

Massive opposition which has been organised to Trump's warmongering and attempts at global dictate

Ahead of the recently concluded NATO summit in Brussels, Theresa May committed 440 more British troops to Afghanistan, increasing the number to 1,090. The troops are described as "non-combat soldiers".

The increase will mark the biggest presence of British military forces in Afghanistan since combat troops were withdrawn by the then Prime Minister David Cameron. It is reported that troops will begin being deployed in August of this year, with the remainder to follow by February, 2019.

The Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, spoke in terms of keeping "lasting peace and stability" in Afghanistan. In practice, military and other intervention in the region has brought nothing but instability and has contributed to war and violence on a global scale.

The deployment appears as a sop to US President Trump in the context of the NATO summit, with Theresa May also declaring that Britain "will continue to make the case for all allies to follow the UK's example and meet the 2% pledge", a reference to Trump's demand that NATO members live up to the target of spending 2% of GDP to the warmongering alliance.

It is evident that support from the President of the United States is not to be forthcoming by such means.

Opposition to Donald Trump's Visit to Britain

Trump arrived in Britain on July 12, and is being kept away from London because of the massive opposition which has been organised to Trump's warmongering and attempts at global dictate.

The demonstration in London on July 13 was on a huge scale, reflecting the broad opposition to President Trump, as well as to the Conservative government for its invitation.


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