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Newcastle Stop the War Meeting on the Centenary of the End of World War I

A Hundred Years Since the "War to End All Wars"

On November 14, a well attended joint public meeting was organised in Newcastle by Newcastle Stop the War and Newcastle University's Power/Space/Politics research group. It asked the question: what sort of foreign policy does the UK need today?

Addressing the meeting was Alex Snowdon of Newcastle Stop the War and Nick Megoran from Newcastle University's Power/Space/Politics research group. The Chair was Craig Jones, lecturer in human geography.

During the meeting both speakers exposed the lie that the war was fought for "democracy" and "self-determination" and emphasised the real causes of the war as rivalry between the big powers to re-divide the world. They also brought out the importance of the anti-war and peace movements opposing the war. Both in the speeches and discussion afterwards the meeting drew on the lessons for the need today for a new anti-war policy and an anti-war government in the face of the present dangerous situation in Britain's continued pro-war stand in the big power rivalry for world domination.


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