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Advancing into 2020!

As we enter the New Year, RCPB(ML) pays tribute to its activists and circles and all their efforts to advance the work of the Party in 2019. Despite the Conservative victory in the General Election, the resolve of the working class and people is not to be reduced to spectators to the programme and agenda of the ruling elite. On the contrary, their spirit is to build the resistance movement to the anti-social offensive and refuse to be reconciled to relinquishing control of their lives to any other force.

In 2020, there is much work to do to continue to challenge the status quo, and for the working class and people to set their sights on a way out of the all-round crisis which favours them. In this respect, the working class of Britain has a vital role to play as a contingent of the working class internationally fighting against the wars of aggression of the imperialist powers, fighting to establish an anti-war government, and establishing a new framework of action and thinking. In this work, there are many challenges, but this is vital work and the Party is determined to fulfil its responsibilities to the maximum, and calls on everyone to join in redoubling their efforts in 2020 to make headway.

Party contingent Passing the County at the Durham Miners' Gala 2019

In the general election, the ruling class achieved the majority it set out to obtain. But this is a Pyrrhic victory for Boris Johnson and his cohorts. Not only will it not provide the country with social stability, but it will not sort out any problem for the competing factions of the ruling elite. The result has further reflected the crisis of the Parliamentary system, and how the cartel party system is at loggerheads with the empowerment of the people. The task of the people in 2020 continues to be to work to breach this impasse and build the momentum for change and empowerment.

Just on Brexit, whether or not Britain actually leaves the European Union or Boris Johnson falls at the next hurdle, the fact is that the economy is caught in the grip of the raging competition between one faction and another of the narrow private interests which are striving to dominate the world today. If the choice is between allying with the United States or the European Union, neither will provide a guarantee of the defence of rights and peace and social justice. On the contrary, both stand for imperialist globalisation and violation of sovereignty of nations and peoples. The people themselves must speak in their own name.

Boris Johnson claims that his Conservative Party is a party of so-called "One Nation" politics, politics for both rich and poor, that will bring unity to Britain, despite the fact that his Tory Party has ejected those MPs that claimed to give that assertion some credibility. In reality, this kind of "One Nation" politics has the aim of being able to claim that the rulers have the consent of the governed to act with impunity. But these chickens are bound to come home to roost for Johnson. The working class and people will not accept them, and the people will demand that the government be held to account.

The anti-war movement is persisting in its work to demand and establish an anti-war government. This is an important focus of the work in 2020, particularly with a Prime Minister tied to the military establishment, and given the heinous crimes with which this decade is opening. The fight for peace and an anti-war government is inextricably connected with the fight to change the direction of the economy, for defence of the rights of all, and for the peoples of England, Scotland and Wales to have control over matters of vital concern to their lives.

RCPB(ML) also places on record its support for the fight of the Irish people for the reunification of Ireland. This is bound to win out, and is a step towards putting the Irish people themselves in control of the destiny of the island of Ireland.

The new decade brings with it the necessity for working people to take up their individual and collective social responsibility to oppose imperialism. This means in practice to speak out and act in one's own name individually and collectively on the issues and problems facing the people, economy and society, to oppose the ruling elite of the financial oligarchy and defend the people's interests; it means not allowing the rich oligarchs to set the agenda and falsely claim they represent the people in government; and it requires the people to advance the organised movement for democratic renewal and their empowerment.

In conclusion, in 2020 let us go all out, stepping up the tempo of our work and redoubling our efforts to achieve successes in fighting for the interests of the working class and people, for democratic renewal, and for an anti-war government.


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