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In Memoriam Hylda Sims

Workers' Weekly is sad to inform its readers of the death of Hylda Sims on January 13 after a short illness. Her vigour and youthful energy belied her 87 years.

She sang to her guitar and recited poetry at meetings organised by the Ad-Hoc Committee "The Things That Make For Peace", meetings against the chauvinism promoted at the centenary of the First World War, and against NATO.

Her father was a founder member of the CPGB. She herself became a member of the YCL. In the 1950s, she founded a skiffle group, together with the Skiffle Cellar in Soho. She visited the Soviet Union, playing in Moscow at the 1957 International Youth Festival. She was an indefatigable activist, and held a regular monthly music and poetry get-together at the Poetry Cafe. Among her achievements was her part in saving the Brockwell Lido at Herne Hill. She appeared on the Resonance Radio programme Sound Out on a number of occasions.

Here is a short poem of hers from 2017:

Corbyn Haiku

Jeremy is not
a typical leader - one
reason we love him


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