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Building the Resistance and Seizing the Initiative

2020 is putting the necessity for the independent programme of the working class firmly on the agenda. It has been and continues to be a principle that for the working class to play its historic role and lead the entire society out of the crisis and open up the path to progress, it must have its own independent programme; but in the present conditions and circumstances, the consciousness of the social responsibility of the working class has matured. The dysfunctionality of the political institutions, the opposition to the neo-liberal agenda of the ruling elite, the goal of defending the rights of all, the necessity therefore to ensure a pro-social aim for society and its economy, are all converging to pin-point that the workers must themselves institute a modern democracy where the distribution of wealth and use of resources are human-centred, which the workers are quite capable of doing. They must play their leading role in fighting to establish an anti-war government, so that the state is not an instrument of violence and coercion above and against working people, but takes on a profile which empowers them to set the agenda for society.

Recently, there has been the example of the workers of France, who are taking forward the struggle to take control of the affairs of society and not just beg the ruling elite for concessions. What has been notable is the virtual media blackout in Britain on this important movement of workers and other sections of society. The workers' voice is breaking through, when to be "moderate" means to be open for business, to make business competitive in the global market. The fact is that, since workers produce the social wealth, the necessity presents itself for workers to control what they create. This is the perspective, the unifying factor of the workers' movement. It calls on the workers' movement to redouble its efforts to build the resistance and retain the initiative, to have their independent voice.

This emphasises what the working class should take up as its conscious aim for society, a new direction for the economy. The workers are very much excluded from power by the ruling elite, who do not want these concerns taken up by society. Instead, the elite want that their needs are served by talking Britain up under the tattered banner of "Get Brexit Done". The plans to "unite the nation" beg the question of which nation, but are meant to indicate that the workers should share the values of the elites, and allow the government to rule with impunity, while the anti-social offensive continues.

Working people are encouraged to put their trust in one global alliance or another, and that even if disaster is round the corner, there is no alternative and to suggest otherwise is to talk Britain down. The issue facing workers is to build resistance to this ideological, political and organisational assault. The financial oligarchs have no solution to the problems facing society and are haunted by the spectre of war and of apocalypse. Instead it is working people who will save the day. It cannot be allowed that the powers-that-be set the agenda for discourse and action on neo-liberal terms.

Workers are the essential human factor in the economy and the producers of all social wealth; they must set the aim of the economy to guarantee their well-being and security. The economy is our economy and the workers must have a voice, a say and control over its aim and direction.

The Workers' Forum section of Workers' Weekly will serve this aim and direction of the workers' movement, recognising that this is an indispensable current in the movement to work towards an Anti-War Government. We will not let the voice and concerns of working people go unheeded. We will do our best to bring out what is essential in building the united force and leadership of the working class in these struggles, including building the defence organisations of the class, and stressing that, by giving a voice in the here and now, and looking to the independent solutions that the class can bring to the problems of society, a way forward out of the crisis can, will and must be found. Working people must make their claims on society. Workers must set a pro-social aim. Production must be in favour of human beings and the future of society, not destruction of produced value through militarisation and a pro-war direction.

We therefore encourage everyone to join in and write, discuss and speak out about their struggles and the necessity for the working people themselves to have the power to take the decisions which affect their lives.


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