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NEU Holds Rally in London as Sixth Form Colleges Take Strike Action

Members of NEU, the National Education Union, working in 34 sixth form colleges or 16-19 academies went on strike on February 27 to demand more funding for their colleges.

Many attended a rally at Parliament Square in Westminster, followed by a march to the Department for Education.

The NEU is in dispute with the Secretary of State and seeking improved pay, conditions and employment through better funding for 16-19 education. There is currently an overall shortfall of at least £700 million in funding for Post-16 Education which the NEU wants to see rectified in the forthcoming Budget.

NEU joint general secretary Dr Mary Bousted said: "16-19 education has suffered brutally under successive Conservative governments, and the funding increases announced before the election fall at least £700m short of what is needed. The trajectory is unchanged: jobs are being cut, class sizes are rising, and pay is falling. Striking is always a last resort but our members know that the future of the sector is at threat and it is students' education that will continue to suffer."



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