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Coronavirus pandemic

Letter to the Editor

For decades, successive governments, both Labour and Conservative, have wrecked the NHS with privatisation, closing and selling off small hospitals to make way for mega hospitals, which are now overcrowded, no room to park the cars for patients/relatives/visitors except with costly parking tickets, long waiting lists unless it's an emergency, and long distances to travel, with hospitals merged to form Mega NHS Foundation Trusts often long distances away. Foundation Trusts are run as businesses competing against each other to treat the most patients. In their business terms, patients are referred to as customers - the more patients they treat, the more funding they receive from the government. The private sector is encouraged as a source of funding the NHS. Private patients come from Britain and abroad and are very much encouraged. In the Foundation Trust I work in, the whole of the top floor consists of private wards.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the NHS has become the most important public organisation that is leading the fight against the pandemic. More than 500 patients since the pandemic began to April 22 have been treated and successfully discharged at our hospital. The Foundation Trust has made huge changes towards dealing with this situation, which include: cancelling all non-urgent outpatient appointments, patients requiring urgent treatment have been segregated and treated away from coronavirus patients, and wards on whole floors have been converted for the treatment of the patients suffering from Covid-19.

It is a credit to the management staff, medical staff and patients, that so many lives are being saved. It is also a fact that some patients do not survive.

NHS worker


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