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News in Brief

Inside NHS Nightingale: Staff speak out about reality of care at London coronavirus hospital

Ministers declare the NHS Nightingale project a great success, but staff told the health correspondent of The Independent that they want to do more, and they fear prominent PR is not helping. Insiders who work at varying levels in the hospital, who have spoken to The Independent on condition of anonymity, also criticise the "political spin" and portrayal of the Nightingale which they say has given a false perception of what it is like, with social media posts doing more harm than good.

A delayed shipment of vital medical equipment from Turkey to protect frontline NHS staff against coronavirus reportedly contained just 32,000 gowns, just several hours worth of supplies. It comes as ministers face escalating pressure over the government's failure to ensure all staff treating Covid-19 patients and care home workers have the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need.

(Daily coronavirus briefing, The Independent, April 24, 2020)


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