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Coronavirus Pandemic

Protests Continue over Missing PPE for Front-line Healthcare Workers

The website NursingNotes reports that front-line doctors demonstrated silently outside Downing Street on May 28 calling for adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for front-line healthcare workers. The demonstration drew attention to the challenge to the government over the levels of protection afforded to healthcare workers during the Covid-19 crisis. A legal fundraiser has been launched, raising upwards of £45,000.

The protest took place at the same time as the weekly "Clap for Carers" to highlight that while many are celebrating essential workers others are failing to supply the equipment required to protect themselves.

In a joint statement, Dr Meenal Viz and Dr Nishant Joshi, said: "While our ministers are bickering, we've been in the front-line watching our colleagues die. Our politicians have shown us that they are out of touch. There is a human cost to this systemic negligence. The government talks about numbers in a blasé way, and we are seeing the effects of suffering. As doctors, we have appreciated the support during #ClapForCarers. But instead of clapping, we observed silence in remembrance of our 237 colleagues who have died during the pandemic."

Anthony Johnson, a health visitor and activist for Nurses United UK, added: "It's still the case that front-line staff are having to speak out about the lack of PPE. Apparently, it's not just when it comes to Dominic Cummings that this government won't listen? If we can't keep staff safe, when they're fighting a virus to keep us safe, what are we doing?"


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