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Online Meeting

Another Education is Possible

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Join the live online discussion with special guest from Cuba, Niurka Gonzalez, General Secretary of the Cuban teaching union, (SNTECD) next Wednesday, July 22, at 6pm.

Hear what can be learnt from Cuba's education system and how the Cuban teaching union is being consulted and involved in recovery plans for the education sector as Cuba begins to ease its lockdown.

Please register for free and submit any questions in advance using the link below.


Drawing on themes raised in the recent publication, Beyond the Blockade, British teachers discuss Cuba's alternative approach to education and society and the lessons drawn through four years of National Education Union (NEU) delegations.

The General Secretary of the Cuban teaching union joins Cuba Solidarity to discuss Cuba's response to Covid-19 in the education sector and the role teaching unions have played during the crisis and in plans to get children back to school. She will also look back on 25 years of solidarity between the National Education Union (NEU) in Britain and the National Union of Education, Science and Sports Workers (SNTECD) in Cuba.

Guest speakers:

Niurka Maria Gonzalez Obera, General Secretary, SNTECD (Education, Science and Sports Union Cuba)
Malcolm Richards, Devon NEU and editor of Beyond the blockade
Bernard Regan, NEU trustee, Secretary Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Lucy Coleman, Early Years teacher, Oxfordshire NEU
Chair: Gawain Little, NEU executive member, Chair of International Committee

Hosted jointly by the National Education Union and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign


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