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March for Pay Justice for NHS and Key Workers

Wednesday, 29 July 2020 from 17:00
St Thomas' Hospital

Socially-distanced protest - wear a mask!

Assemble at St Thomas Hospital from 5pm, march to Downing Street at 6pm. All welcome.

NHS workers have been criminally let down by this government. Despite all our sacrifices, the government has not included us in the pay deal for public sector workers.

We have worked masses of overtime, isolated from our families, and lost over 540 of our colleagues to Covid-19. And we are not valued.

We are calling on all NHS workers in London to join us for a socially-distanced protest to demand pay justice for all NHS workers and key workers.

NHS workers deserve a pay rise for the 20% pay cut since 2010. We need a pay rise to address the 40,000 vacancies across the NHS that puts our patients at risk. We need a pay rise because of a decade of austerity.

We need the government to act now to show they value NHS staff, before we face a second wave. Demoralised and underpaid staff won't be able to protect and care for patients through a second wave.

We are supporting the Nurses and Midwives say NO! protest on August 8, but want to mobilise people now to pressure the government and demand they increase all NHS workers and key workers' pay.

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