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Health Workers Pay Inequality Day of Action

Support the NHS: Say No! to Pay Inequality Day of Action

On August 8, around 40 protests were organised across England, Scotland and Wales as NHS workers were on the march to defend their dignity and to speak out loud and clear that public sector pay inequality is not acceptable. The central demand is for an immediate 15% increase in the level of pay that has been kept suppressed for a decade. It is clear that the whole future direction of the NHS is at stake, and there must be no return to the so-called "business as usual". [1]

On Saturday, September 12, from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm, there will again be demonstrations and rallies in many towns and cities. [2]

Nurses and other health workers are speaking in their own name and taking up the fight, both to improve their own pay, and at the same time to take part in the struggle to safeguard the future of the NHS and care services.

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