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Responses to the US election - what now for Cuba?

ONLINE MEETING - Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Monday 9 November, 6.30pm

What do the US election results mean for Cuba? Post-election special discussion with José Ramon Cabanas, Cuba's ambassador to the US

Join us just after the US presidential elections for an in depth discussion with the Cuban diplomat who as been at the heart of Cuba-US relations for the last eight years.

Guest speakers

José Ramon Cabanas , became the first Cuban ambassador to the US for 50 years in 2015. He began his mission in the US capital in 2012 and has witnessed the détente between the US and Cuba under President Obama and the complete reversal in policy under Donald Trump. He was also present in April 2020 when 32 shots were fired at the Cuban Embassy in Washington.

Paula Barker MP , represents the constituency of Wavertree in Liverpool and was elected in 2019. Previously she was North West Convenor for Unison.

Navendu Mishra MP , has represented the constituency of Stockport since 2019. Previously he was a shop-floor trade unionist and an organiser for Unison. As a young trade unionist he was a delegate on the 2016 May Day Brigade to Cuba in 2016.

Also in attendance Bárbara Montalvo Alvarez, Cuban ambassador to Britain

This meeting takes place on Monday 9 November, just days after the US presidential election, giving time to assess the results and predict what the new president and make up of Congress may mean for the Cuban people.

Diplomats, politicians and activists will discuss the impact of four year's of the Trump presidency on the economy and people of Cuba, what the worst and best case scenarios might be for the next four years under a Biden or Trump administration, and what role international lawmakers and campaigners have to play in helping to bring about an end to the illegal US blockade.



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