In Memoriam

Rebecca Nettleship

October 4, 1988 – July 23, 2021

The Content of Becky's Song

Dearest Becky

We are gathered here
all of us together to honour you
and all that you accomplished in your young life

With broken hearts we join your Mum and Dad
your dearest sister and all your friends
to share their pain and express our own

We know we can never know your own or theirs
But we do know how courageous you were

With every step you reached new heights

We see you dancing, speaking and acting
in your own name
excelling in your studies
in your chosen field
in your relations and adventures
making us all proud

In the moment of our loss, of profound sorrow
we see you Becky like the morning light
Your spirit imbues us with the joy of spring
the energy of new horizons

Often you went where angels fear to tread

Despite difficulties too much to bear
you will remain with us forever
as one who imbues us with hope

Your humanity omnipresent
you contributed to society
to opening its path to progress

In your striving for a world where peace prevails
you uplifted all our lives
you brought us joy, laughter and so much love

All of this dearest Becky and much more
became the content of your song

Dearest Becky

We hear your song
This world can and will be transformed
so that all human beings can flourish and thrive
so that those who suffer pain beyond their means
can set their course without regret of any kind

Dearest Becky

Though our hearts are broken
the content of your song propels us forward

We are proud to sing your song

Together, we will always sing your song

Rest in peace dear Becky



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