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Report NATO 2030 United for New Era

NATO is Incompatible with the Desire of the People for Peace and Security

Last November, the report NATO 2030 United for New Era [1] was released aiming at trying to give NATO relevance in remaining a "regional Alliance" faced with "challenges increasingly global" and allegedly requiring "a reflection process to further strengthen NATO's political dimension". Since that time there have been some commentaries on what it says, and probably more importantly about what it does not say. For example, it has been noted as to how the report stresses "uniting" the alliance, reflecting that NATO is not now "united" and that the conflicts of interests between the US, Britain and other European powers and regional powers within the "alliance" are very sharp. In addition, as Finian Cunningham wrote in the Information Clearing House [2] on December 8, "The lunatics are running amok in the NATO asylum. The war junkies are craving for a fix. With Western capitalist economies tanking and social problems mounting, the danger is very real that NATO's hallucin ations about Russia and China could end up starting war."

The irrationality was highlighted a week later when, on December 15, NATO issued a statement [3] opposing the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons [4] as that Treaty comes into force this month for the 55 countries that have ratified the treaty. NATO justified its opposition to the UN Treaty by claiming that "the fundamental purpose of NATO's nuclear capability is to preserve peace", when of course it is ramping up Britain's Trident nuclear programme along with the US to confront Russia and China. For example, in 2020 the United States has conducted a five-fold increase in strategic bomber flights near Russia's western borders compared with the previous year. These aircraft are capable of launching nuclear weapons. Also in 2020, British and US warships and US nuclear bombers entered the Barents Sea off Russia for the first time since the Cold War as well as continuing to carry out provocative exercises in the Baltic, Black Sea and in the South China Sea. [5]

The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons sets out to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination. It was adopted by a vote of 122 States in favour, with one vote against and one abstention at the United Nations on July 7, 2017, and opened for signature by the Secretary-General of the United Nations on September 20, 2017. It enters into force this year on January 22. The British and US governments have refused to engage with or participate in discussions on the treaty, and now refuse to sign.

The NATO 2030 report further emphasises that "NATO must devote much more time, political resources, and action to the security challenges posed by China". As Finian Cunningham says, "NATO is addicted to creating enemies because it needs to find a way to justify the spending of nearly $1,000 billion a year on military machines. That's the combined spending on "defence" by the US and its NATO allies. That represents about 20 times what Russia spends and on its military and five times that of China." Also, he warns, "ominously, President-elect Joe Biden is talking up strengthening the NATO alliance while pointing fingers at Russia and China. And America's European lackeys appear to be swooning at the prospect of more NATO adventurism. America 'is back', as Biden declares, and the European minions are delighted."

The fact is that NATO has never been an "alliance" in the sense of a free association of countries "to preserve peace, prevent coercion, and deter aggression" as NATO has always fraudulently claimed. Today NATO is being utilised to fight a global war on different fronts all over the world. It is still maintaining its "war on terror" to interfere and continue bombing raids in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and in Africa whilst increasingly confronting Russia and China. Whether or not NATO survives in its present form, what is certain is that the peoples are striving for peace, freedom and democracy and to make their countries zones for peace, uniting in action to take up the task of establishing anti-war governments. NATO is incompatible with the desire of the people for peace and security, with a modern and human centred conception of security based on defending the rights of all.

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