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New Year 2021

The Party Begins the New Year with Online Forum

Following the release of the New Year Statement of RCPB(ML) Looking Forward to Advancing Our Work in 2021, the Party held an online forum on January 2 to mark the beginning of the New Year and to bring together comrades and friends, young and old, new and of long-standing, in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

Well over 20 people participated in the forum, which began with a newly-composed piece for solo violin hailing the NHS and all who work in it in these difficult times. The extended toast which followed took up the themes of the New Year Statement, paying tribute to Party activists and all the circles of the Party, and looking forward to the challenging times which lie ahead in the work of RCPB(ML) and all the forces in motion to bring about the New. It affirmed that the fight for a human-centred society, the fight for and the unfolding of the independent programme of the working class to which RCPB(ML) is dedicated, is a fight taken up for solution, with the perspective that new forms of governance have to be brought into being. The toast wished everyone the greatest success in 2021!

There followed a rendering of the song The Founding of the Party, after which many of the participants spoke of the work which lies ahead, and pledged to join together whatever the difficulties.

The evening concluded with a long-standing friend of the Party singing the upbeat version of The Red Flag to the tune of The White Cockade, and energetic farewells, including from the youngest participants in the forum.


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