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The Royal Consort

A Poem by John Maharg

The royal consort
Parasite par excellence
Drone in excelsis
Ersatz Royal to royalty beyond
Its sell-by-date
Was guilty
Of two gross impertinences
Among the many
With which he insults the working people
In reference to the need to produce
He invited the producer to
"Get your finger out"
The other was
To the effect
That no one in the country is owed a job
From one who draws the royal dole
In return for walking with his hands behind his back
Behind her majesty's behind
Faux pas arrogance in either hand
With a smile and a merry quip
As if to say
Lucky you
That I should be around
To do for you what I do for a living
Is what one might call rich in the rich
If one was being kind
As there is nothing more unkind
Than the rich to those who make them rich
Allow me the right to retaliate in kind
That is to declare the royal pimp
Should stick to pimping
And leave the world
To those who make the world go round
Their right to work
Should be a right
His right not to work
And to denigrate those who do
By claiming they don't work hard enough
Or that those with no work have no right to work
Should not be a right
For such as he
Given social prominence by a system
That relegates the millions
To deprivation
All that lives must die
But of all that lives none deserve
To live as do the few
Who would perpetuate privilege
And none that lives deserve to live
As he does
Yet laugh at his impertinence
Salute the worker

(From a substantial collection of verses by communist working class poet John Maharg published in 1998 on the occasion of his 80th birthday)


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