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Lifting Society Out of its Crisis and Leaving the Old World Behind

On May Day 2021: Fight for the Rights of All! Fight for the Alternative! Fight for Empowerment!

RCPB(ML) banner at the London May Day

RCPB(ML) sends its militant May Day greetings to working people throughout the world. May First is the day of international working class unity, the day of expressing our common cause in the struggle to bring about a world without war, without the use of force to settle conflicts, without the exploitation of persons by persons, with the recognition of the rights of all by virtue of being human, and providing these rights with a guarantee. This is the new world which requires effort and vision to bring into being, a world which is not simply replacing one government by another, one ruling elite by another, or even one class by another. It is a world where the rights of the individual are inseparably linked with the rights of all, not in contradiction with them. It is a world where all participate in deciding, in being in control of, their own future, where society is organised for the benefit of human beings, not the private interests that ride roughshod of the rights of human be ings.

May Day 2021 is the second May Day taking place in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis of this pandemic has been exacerbating the economic and political crisis characterised by paying the rich and cutting investments in social programmes. The solution, pointed to by the working people's own experience, that it has encouraged the working class to take up is that of speaking in their own name, not to return to the old normal, but to implement its own programme and agenda. This is a programme around which all can unite, to change the direction of the economy, to put human beings at the centre of all considerations. In this situation, we extend especial greetings to the peoples of the countries who have been bringing Covid-19 under control and exhibiting international responsibility, such as Cuba, the DPRK, Vietnam, China and others.

The pandemic has brought home that working people's safety and security lies nowhere else but in the fight for the rights of all. The experience with battling Covid-19 has demonstrated how crucial it is for the working class to act on its own initiative, with its own independent programme, a programme for empowerment and for a state with a modern democratic personality. If it was not obvious before, now it is crystal clear that society must be organised with the principle that all human life is precious, where health, education and other public services are rights, where claims on society mean something. In this context, there is an urgent need for an anti-war government. This is not a mere question of policy, but of democracy itself. It is part and parcel of the need for pro-social governance in general, governance with the guaranteeing of the rights of all as its central aim. This is the alternative around which the fight must be strengthened and unity built, beginning with the immediate programme: Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programmes! Fight for an Anti-War Government!

The struggle of workers for their rights which has been unfolding has confirmed that, far from the struggles being based on special interests or for certain privileges, the rights which are being fought for must be available to all, not grudgingly granted kicking and screaming at the whim of ruling elites who serve narrow private interests. The conviction of working people with over a year's experience of the coronavirus pandemic is that the old "normal" is not acceptable, and that a new "normal" must be found.

The situation is bringing to the fore that what is lacking is for the working class to be empowered at all levels of society, having fidelity to the conception that turning this situation around means to bring into being a society without war, with proletarian internationalism, where the social wealth produced by the working class is put to use for the benefit of ordinary people, the producers. The right to a livelihood must be guaranteed, and workers empowered to have control over their lives. To empower itself, the working class needs its own agenda and line of march, its own independent programme. Workers are taking up the task of discussing in their organisations their demands and claims on society, taking up action with analysis as one. Working people must be the ones who determine what must be done. The necessity which is coming to the fore is for the workers to build their own forums where they can discuss how issues pose themselves and how to be effective in securing their rights.

As RCPB(ML) declared in opening the new millennium, the watchword of the workers is that the banner of the emancipation of the working class is the banner for all of humanity in the forward march to create the new world. The conditions are demanding that the working class take up its historic role to lead all working people in action to fight for their own rights in a manner which upholds the rights of all. The working class will organise the economy with the aim of guaranteeing a livelihood to all as a human right on the basis of the most advanced techniques and the continuous raising of standards of living. The working class will establish a political system of direct democracy, in which the people select and elect candidates and will establish a modern constitution in the course of their struggles which enshrines the sovereignty of the people as the decision-makers in society. The working class will uphold the independence and sovereignty of nations and peoples, establish modern sovereign states of England, Scotland and Wales, and unite to oppose all chauvinist attempts at intervention and interference, and support the right of all countries for equality internationally. The working class fights shoulder to shoulder with its class sisters and brothers of all lands for this new society. The producers of the social wealth must take hold of what belongs to them.

Once more, militant May Day greetings to all working people in every country striving to bring into being that world of socialised humanity which is the dawn of human history itself.

Fight for the Rights of All! Fight for the Alternative! Fight for Empowerment! Workers of All Countries, Unite!


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